Step 3: Step 3 - Create a Place for Your Treasure Chest Lock

So I wanted my treasure chest to open from the front side, not the top like a box. And I wanted it to have a little lip where I could put my "lock". I noticed the long flaps of my walls overlapped and decided to cut one off. It seemed wild, but trust me...

Cut one long wall flap along it's fold line, remove. My cut wasn't very neat so I decided the rough edge of the severed flap would go on the inside and I would use the nice box factory cut side as my lock edge.

Placing the severed flap down on your cutting mat trim off the rough edge leaving approx 1 inch of material.

Place one strip of double sided tape along the bottom side of the new 1 inch flap. (I put the tape on the bottom of this flap so the front of my cover would have a smooth edge). Burnish the tape with the smooth bottom of your box cutter, remove the backing and add another strip to completely cover this bottom of the new flap with double sided tape (if you are using 1 inch double sided tape you don't need to repeat this, I was using 1/2 inch). Burnish and remove backing.

Tape the 1 inch flap of the severed edge onto the top of cut edge of the remaining wall fold. See photos, you now have a long domed cover that opens on one side.

When you hold your cover closed you'll notice there is an "overhanging lip". Holding the cover shut, use your sharpie to mark where the front outer wall meets the overhanging lip underneath on both sides. Flip your box over on to the mat cutting board, use the L ruler to draw a straight line connecting these dots. Use the dull side of your box cutter to perforate this line. 

Now when you close your box you can fold the overhanging lip down and have a place to "put your lock".

Hooray, it's starting to feel like a treasure chest!!

I made this last night!! I didn't think I would be able to but I learn best by doing so I just grabbed a box and got started. I would look back at your photos and instructions throughout the process. I did alter the top a bit as I plan to use this as a prize chest at a birthday party. I cut mine at the sides and attached the flaps to the top with tape and left only one hinge of sorts on the back so the box can be opened repeatedly. I plan to decorate the box in the party theme colors. Thanks for posting this, it was easy to do and I like that the top isn't a curved dome. Those seem so much harder to make to me!! Anyway thanks again!!
This is a great innovation for the top, if I ever make another one I will try your technique! Good job!! :)
We are planning a pirate party for my four year old. I love this. I'm sure we could make an even larger one. I was thinking of doing a treasure hunt and making a giant chest and filling with with sand and treasure would be awesome. I'll be adding this to my favorites and making it soon.
This is awesome and the instructions are great! This is something we will definitely make in our house.
Thank you so much! I'd love to hear/see how your Treasure Chest goes for you. :)

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