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Sometimes you'll have something you want to put on a I don't know, maybe a shelf. You may buy a rack/shelf but the side effects are you're torn pockets. So I came up with this simple rack kind of thing made out of cardboard but would still get the job done for you without a single penny spent. Cardboard may sound bland so you can use anything you want to make simple rack referring to the my steps.

Step 1: Things Needed

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(1)Cardboard of any size. (As long it could be folded into a L-shape.)
(2)Tape, double sided tape, glue
(3) Ruler, scissors
(4) Rope/string
(5) Decorative items (colour paper, markers, etcetera)

Step 2: Fold

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Fold the cardboard into a L-shape and secure it with tape.

Step 3: Decorate

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Cover the cardboard with some colour paper and decorate it however you like.

Step 4: Finish It

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After you are satisfied with your L-shaped cardboard piece, stick it on the wall. To avoid the top part from falling, secure it with some rope. (See the picture)

Step 5: That's It.

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You can place whatever you want on the rack as long it can bear the object's weight. I placed my favourite DIY Taj Mahal model. What are you gonna put?


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-02-08

That Taj Mahal looks awesome on that shelf!

Thank You!!!

sunshiine (author)2014-02-19

I really like this! thanks for sharing.


Hanee786 (author)sunshiine2014-02-20

thank you for liking it and ure welcome

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