Picture of Simple Cat Hammock
I wanted to make a simple hammock for my cat, so here is my design

Step 2: Assembly

1. Lay the fabric flat on the ground
2. Lay both coat hangers on either side of the sheet, leaving about 3-4 inches of room to loop the fabric over the hangers so you can sew.

Step 4: Find somewhere to hang it

Hang the shower curtain rod between any two upright surfaces and place the coat hangers on the shower rod. You can hang your cat hammock in tons of places. Under a bench, in a stairway, etc. Make sure your cat can get to it easily. I hung it under a piano bench, and that worked really well for me because I could use two beams under the bench to keep the coat hangers far enough apart to avoid it folding up on the cat (see picture). Be creative and have fun
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calico cat4 months ago

Is that a piano? Purr-fekt, my kitty loves piano music!

wilcymay3 years ago
Great idea! Though I fear my cat is traumatized now.. He's apparently not the hammock type
My kitties are pretty heavy (kitty no. 1 is 12 pounds, kitty no. 2 is around 8-9 pounds) so I'd rather use metal hangers and comfy, but thick fabric.
how about using velcro to attach the ends to the hangers - that way you can easy remove the cover to de-fur without worrying about fitting the hangers in the washing machine/dryer OR for the sewing-challenged, use some fusible web to iron the ends together around the hangers. thanks for the awesome idea!! now i can make one for pennies instead of buying one, as originally planned :-)
nickodemus4 years ago
Great idea!
I may have to make a couple of these for my roommate's kitties. They'll love it!
Awesome! I need to make one of these...

And Sushi is a great model.
ChrysN4 years ago
Looks pretty cozy!