This cedar flowering box was crafted from old fence slats. I thought it up while in the shower thinking of a way to pass the time while I glue another project together. Obviously I wanted it to be nice but didn't want it to have lots of parts, take too much time to build, or make me think too much. End result is a beautiful flower box, made with less than 20 easy cuts on the miter saw (or skill saw).


2- 17" x 5" Side
2 - 7" x 5" End 
1 ~ 16" x 3¹⁄₈ Bottom


Safety Glasses
Miter saw 
Drill & drill bit
Measuring type 


Please read, understand, and follow instruction manuals for all power tools. Wear your safety glasses.

Step 1: Give the Cedar a Fresh Look

The cedar is old and has been out in the elements for years, giving it a nice rustic look. The following steps 
will give the flower box a "new" look but aren't necessary. 

Step 1:

Run each side of the wood through the planner taking only a 1/16" each pass. 
Or just sand it with 80-100 grit sand paper.

Step 2:

Joint 1 edge to create a flat/square surface to cut to width on the table saw.

Step 3:

Rip all the pieces on the table saw to 5"

That looks great! Wonderful for your flowers :)

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