Introduction: Simple Cellphone Detector (call/mobile Data)

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This instructable let you detect signal transmitted by your phone. Basically mobile will transmitt strong signals of power more than a watt while- receiving calls,
making calls,
and your mobile data to.

Step 1: Parts You Need

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* IC LM386 (audio amplifier)
* 47ohm resistor
* 100ohm resistor
* LED (colour of your choice)
* 4V supply/battery
* 7inch wire (as antena)

Step 2: Make Connections

Picture of Make Connections

Use breadboard for testing this circuit. Make connections as per the diagram given.
This instructable is made with the ic lm386 as it's heart with only few other parts.

Don't use supply more than 5V. It will make led bright continuosly taking you out from indication.

Step 3: Operation

Picture of Operation

The antena is to reveive signals. The big is the antena the greater is the receiving area.
Just keep your device near it(upto 1meter for 7inch antena) and Done !!
As signal get detected by it,the LED will start blinking according to that giving you information about that perticular action.

Current consumption--
standby-no signal-4ma
under detection-led ON-7ma

so,this instructable is really easy and efficient.

Have fun to detect your call before mobile ringing and while using mobile data !!!!


Rohit_live (author)2017-06-28

Can it indicate incoming calls ?

Salimalabri979 (author)2015-11-14

can you please post a clear image of the connections? or send it to my

aman4509 (author)Salimalabri9792015-11-21

did you have got the pictures of the circuit??

Jayesh Jayesh (author)aman45092016-03-10


the circuit diagram is shown above , the same connections are made.

Quit easy.

aman4509 (author)2015-11-21

great concept. but

Please upload clear photographs of circuit

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