Introduction: Simple Chain Ring Bracelet (Slave Bracelet)

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This is an easy, simple and non-expensive bracelet you can make in less than 5 minutes. I got all the materials at WalMart. I love these kinds of bracelets. Share your photos if you decide to make one. =)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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• Chain (You can upcycle an old bracelet or necklace.)
• Two Jump Rings (I used small ones.)
• Toggle Clasp or Oversized Clasp (I used half of a bracelet toggle clasp.)
• Scissors (To cut the chain)
• Pliers (To open and close jump rings)

Step 2: Cut the Chain

• Cut a piece of chain for the ring part.
Mine was about two inches long.

• Cut another piece to connect the ring part and to go around your wrist. Mine was about 8 inches long. Take into consideration the clasp size.

Step 3: Attach Jump Rings

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• Attach a jump ring to the ring part to form a circle.

• Attach the longer piece of chain to the same jump ring as the ring.

• Attach a jump ring to the very end of the longer piece and connect the clasp to that jump ring.

Step 4: Wear It.

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Put the ring part through the loop and slip it on your hand. Before sliding it down to your wrist, put on the ring.

Ta-da! You are finished =)

This is my first Instructable. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


marcellahella (author)2014-02-22

Nice and easy! Thanks!

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