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I'll Show you today how to make a simple batch program. I believe batch is one of the simplest language(is it??) of it's kind. Watch the video An you'll understand it. I had explained all the line but the quality of video is not as much as I thought I'll try to make it betteHer's the video


Step 1: Let's Setup Something..

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To get started for this project you just need knowledge in batch file programming and a simple text editor.

For the text editor, you can simply go with notepad but I recommend you go with notepad++. You can download it from here : Notepad++7.4.1. As batch file will only run on windows (As it's the command line for windows), I believe you have ms windows(I said this as some people use linux distributions or mac or other os).

Step 2: Let's Start Coding...

If you don't like coding then jump to last step....

Now for those who love coding let's move on..

What we are going to do is pretty simple.

First We'll get inputs from user.

Second We'll put it in a text file

Third Using another program we'll read it.

Which means we need 2 programs: one to write and one to read.

Let's see the First code. You can download it from here.

See the video where i explain every line..

Step 3: Code to Write.. Don't Forget to Save With .bat Extension

@echo off title Chat :reg set /p "name= Enter your name: " echo %name% Joined the chat (%time%::%date%) >> log.cdat cls start read.bat :mes set /p "message=>>" echo %name%:%message%>>mes.cdat cls goto mes

Step 4: The Program to Read

@echo off
title Messages


type log.cdat

type mes.cdat

timeout /t 1


goto read

You can download it from here..

Step 5: For the Lazy Guys Like Me

If you are lazy, like me to do all this, Then just run the program below it'll do all the things you just don't have to care about... it


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Thank you. Its my first and i need your feedback on it.

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Thanks for sharing :)

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Please check my blog at

Tinker Bench (author)Swansong2017-05-26

I've been on this project for a month. And I'm happy to say that you are the first commenter..

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