Simple, Cheap, Adjustable Horizontal Cell Phone Holder With Legos





Introduction: Simple, Cheap, Adjustable Horizontal Cell Phone Holder With Legos

Tired of having to hold your cell phone with your hands while watching Youtube videos? In this Instructable I show you how to build a horizontal cell phone holder using Legos.

Step 1: Parts List

I used parts that I had on hand. Most of the sizes aren't actually critical and can be replaced with something else if you don't have the same size I did.

The only parts that are critical are the ones marked with stars (the two bricks must have same length) and the bar must be 2 units longer than those bricks. The length of the four bricks marked with blue diamonds is not critical, but they must have holes.

  • (3) 1x12 Tecnic bricks
  • (2) 2x4 bricks
  • (3) 1x8 Technic bricks **
  • (1) 2x8 brick **
  • (1) 10 long Technic rod **
  • (2) rod stoppers
  • (4) 2x2 round pads
  • (1) 4x4 thin brick
  • (1) 4x6 thin brick
  • (1) 2x8 thin brick
  • (2) 2x3 thin bricks

Step 2: Assemble the Base

Assemble the base using the thin bricks holding together the bottom. Here is where the two bricks of same length must be used, and the bricks on the sides must have holes.

Step 3: Attach Pads

Put the 2x2 round pads on the bottom of the base to add a bit more height and prevent the holder from scratching the surface it's sitting on.

Step 4: Attach Holder Arm

Build the holder arm out of the remaining 2x8 thin brick and the long 1x12 Technic bricks.

Attach the holder arm to the base by sliding the rod through them and fixing it with rod stoppers.

Step 5: Attach Stopper Blocks

Add stopper blocks to the top of the base to adjust the angle of the holder arm and also prevent the cell phone from sliding off the front. You can change the angle of the arm by moving the rear blocks forward or backward slightly or by adding more blocks.



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11 Discussions

LOL! I plan to make this and a Tablet sized version too! My Tablet has the USB port on the "top" of it, so the Legos will be holding the cabling in place at the same time. I will need to figure out how to add some "weight" to the frame, as Legos are fairly light compared to the tablet, and will probably tip easily.

This is AWESOME!!!! Glad I have my son's Legos in storage!


ok very much appreciated tabatj i will have a look at the store u put below and i will have fun making this


tabatj i mean the lego pieces. how to i get the pieces i don't have at home e.g the rods and e.t.c

2 replies

On the Lego website (, for the bricks with holes, you have to pick category "Bricks, Special".

The rods and the bricks with holes are "Lego Technic" parts and are pretty common, you should be able to find them in just about nay Lego Technic kit; I just salvaged from what I had on hand. Just search Google or Amazon for "Lego Technic".

Alternatively I suppose you could buy the individual bricks from the Lego website... here:

Pick Technic from the first box and search.

It is just too...........well...........FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

tabatj would u please tell me were i can get this gear from this would be very appreciated

1 reply

??? What gear? I don't use any gears in this build.

So simple yet so useful. Thanks for sharing this project. Legos are great for almost anything!