Introduction: Simple & Cheap Arduino Uno ATmega328 Programmer

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Here's how to build a simple & cheap Arduino Uno ATmega328 Programmer.

Hope you enjoy it...

Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Prepare the Arduino

a. Connect the Arduino to the Computer.

b. Open the Arduino application >File >Example >ArduinoISP.

c. Upload the sketch.

d. Open Tools >Programmer >Arduino as ISP.

Step 3: Build Your ATmega328 Programmer Shield

Picture of Build Your ATmega328 Programmer Shield

ATmega328P Pin Mapping > Arduino

1 > 10

7 > VCC

8 > GND

9 > Crystal > Capacitor1 > GND

10 > Crystal > Capacitor2 > GND

17 > 11

18 > 12

19 > 13

20 > VCC

22 > GND

Step 4: Burn the Bootloader

Picture of Burn the Bootloader

a. Plug your ATmega328 Programmer Shield on the Arduino (refer to photos).

b. Plug the new ATmega328P microcontroller on the Shield.

c. Open Tools >Burn bootloader.

Step 5: Load Your Sketch to the New Microcontroller

a. Load your sketch for the microcontroller.

b. Open Sketch >Upload using programmer.

That’s it!


Thumperup made it! (author)2017-03-08

Thanks for the idea. works great

bratan (author)2016-08-13

As an improvement get a ZIF socket instead. Much easier to insert and remove IC without bending any legs...

petetheweet (author)bratan2016-08-14

I found the flat pins of the ZIF socket permanently damaged my Arduino. You can get a ZIF with round pins here:

pdavid5 (author)2016-08-14

Why you need crystal if you program with SPI?

I use TL866A for programming Atmega with ICSP, but here don't need crystal.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-13

Nice. This would be great for creating smaller ATmega circuits.

THIS IS "EXACTLY" what I have been looking for. Until now I have used a ST62xx microcontroller, writing "dozens" of progs. in Assambler to that. "Me, 60+ years to age" having a "new coming" in pros. world with Arduino. Can you imagine how hard it has been to find out how to prog. a "clear" ATmega? Now I got it. It kind of a "snapped" in my head after reading Your instruct. Thank YOU. I propably make an Instructable of creating a PCB on this, (propably there allready exist somewhere a one like it, but I haven't found 1 yet)

RomeroDIY (author)KISELIN2016-08-07

This is probably the most rewarding comment an instructabler can hope for. Thanks a lot!
Check this out for a "pro" version and the PCB design.

Dave P (author)KISELIN2016-07-19

Well I am 62 and I to am looking for answers to building a robot from a Jazzy mobility chair. Tell me at our age how did you find the key to unlock that vault. I would really like to know :-)

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