Here's how to build a simple & cheap Arduino Uno ATmega328 Programmer.

Hope you enjoy it...

Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Prepare the Arduino

a. Connect the Arduino to the Computer.

b. Open the Arduino application >File >Example >ArduinoISP.

c. Upload the sketch.

d. Open Tools >Programmer >Arduino as ISP.

Step 3: Build Your ATmega328 Programmer Shield

ATmega328P Pin Mapping > Arduino

1 > 10

7 > VCC

8 > GND

9 > Crystal > Capacitor1 > GND

10 > Crystal > Capacitor2 > GND

17 > 11

18 > 12

19 > 13

20 > VCC

22 > GND

Step 4: Burn the Bootloader

a. Plug your ATmega328 Programmer Shield on the Arduino (refer to photos).

b. Plug the new ATmega328P microcontroller on the Shield.

c. Open Tools >Burn bootloader.

Step 5: Load Your Sketch to the New Microcontroller

a. Load your sketch for the microcontroller.

b. Open Sketch >Upload using programmer.

That’s it!

Thanks for the idea. works great
<p>As an improvement get a ZIF socket instead. Much easier to insert and remove IC without bending any legs...</p>
<p>I found the flat pins of the ZIF socket permanently damaged my Arduino. You can get a ZIF with round pins here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/279700092/quick-zif-socket-round-pins-for-atmega</p>
<p>Why you need crystal if you program with SPI?</p><p>I use TL866A for programming Atmega with ICSP, but here don't need crystal.</p>
<p>Nice. This would be great for creating smaller ATmega circuits.</p>
<p>THIS IS &quot;EXACTLY&quot; what I have been looking for. Until now I have used a ST62xx microcontroller, writing &quot;dozens&quot; of progs. in Assambler to that. &quot;Me, 60+ years to age&quot; having a &quot;new coming&quot; in pros. world with Arduino. Can you imagine how hard it has been to find out how to prog. a &quot;clear&quot; ATmega? Now I got it. It kind of a &quot;snapped&quot; in my head after reading Your instruct. Thank YOU. I propably make an Instructable of creating a PCB on this, (propably there allready exist somewhere a one like it, but I haven't found 1 yet)</p>
<p>This is probably the most rewarding comment an instructabler can hope for. Thanks a lot!<br>Check <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-UNO-as-AtMega328P-Programmer/" rel="nofollow">this</a> out for a &quot;pro&quot; version and the PCB design.</p>
Well I am 62 and I to am looking for answers to building a robot from a Jazzy mobility chair. Tell me at our age how did you find the key to unlock that vault. I would really like to know :-)<br>

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