In this instructable I will be showing you how to build a cheap air conditioner from a Styrofoam ice box. This is an extremely easy build and shouldn't take you more than an hour to complete.
I live away from home and cannot afford another air conditioner here so I thought of building a cheap air conditioner with things lying around the house. Summer nights are really uncomfortable and also pretty humid here(which is why I stayed away from the swamp cooler).
I hope you enjoy this instructable!

Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need the following:

- Any sort of cooling fan, I had an extra exhaust fan lying around the house so decided to use it.
- PVC Pipes with elbow.
- Styrofoam Ice Box

- Cutter Blade
- Hot glue gun
- Hacksaw
- Measuring instrument

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting Out the Holes for the Pipes and the Fan

The hole for the fan can be cut out using a cutter blade. However if you're using a thick box like mine, you will have problems cutting out the holes for a pipes with the blade, so I decided to the cut the holes using the pipe itself by slightly sharpening one of its edges. This does the job easily.

Step 3: Step 3: Attaching the Pipes and the Fan

I attached all the parts using hot glue, it does a fantastic job.

Step 4: Step 4: Add the Ice Packs

You can use any sort of ice, but if your box is big like mine, I would suggest freezing water in plastic packets and then putting them into the box. This way you won't have water collecting in the box.

Step 5: Step 5: You're Ready to Go

With the ice packets in the box and fan plugged in, sit back and enjoy your new Simple Cheap Styrofoam Air Conditioner.
Hope you enjoyed this instructable!
<p>hi everyone please hit a like button for my brother and even see my instructble</p>
<p>where's the like button?</p>
<p>I love it! It's been super hot here lately (Big Island, Hawaii, because of the hurricanes creeping up on us - but they never really &quot;hit&quot; because of the two 13K+ ft volcanoes behind us....but we still get super high humidity and warmth) and I was looking for a &quot;regular&quot; air conditioner but didn't want to mess with my windows. Would a slightly larger fan be too much (cheapo at the hardware store), or is the small computer fan good for a bedroom. I'm not an engineer but I suppose there has to be an accommodating intake/output, plus I'd like to use a large solid block of ice or two (thinking longer time for a single use). Or maybe big ice with your arrangement?</p>
<p>Thanks for your comment, practically speaking this design cannot really be used to cool a room as such, it's more like cool breeze. Although you could try putting a bigger fan, you would have to replace the ice much faster (the ice with the current setting lasts for a maximum of 2 hours) or better still you could increase the box size so you can add more ice.</p>
<p>CarlsaSC</p><p>You could experiment with salt in the water for freezing to lower the temperature. Most freezers are well below 32 degrees F and this would make for colder air out and perhaps a longer thaw time.</p>
<p>That's a nice idea, will have to try that out.</p>
Gr8 idea
Thnx for the awesome design n idea......but for how much time does the cooling last and can it cool a room??
<p>very very very very thanks to you for your awesome idea. i was searching To make a Cheap homemade AC From single CPU fan and your instructable fulfilled my need.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>You're most welcome Aditya.</p>
<p>What is the use of 5 pvc pipes that inserted in box? will air will come from that pipes?</p>
<p>You don't have to use 5 pipes, you can simply use a single bigger pipe. I used 5 of the smaller ones because I had them lying around and as for the air, it all depends on the capacity of your fan.</p>
Great &quot;Favorite&quot; for future reference.
<p>Also... how about using hosepipe for the pipes? Cut it in 2 - 3 foot lengths and lay it inbetween layers of ice packs. Should dramatically increase the temperature drop.</p>
<p>Sure, that's a nice idea and it should definitely increase its efficiency. But I think copper pipes would conduct better than hosepipes, will try that out later. Thank you so much for you feedback.</p>
<p>For the ice packs use balloons. Fill with water... not too much.. and tie tge end. Freeze them and refreeze when melted. Nice instructable... simple and hacky! :)</p>

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