This is my first Instructable so I thought I'd start with something simple.

For this project you will need:

1 - Male USB plug (got mine from a $1.50 Wii Intercooler)
1 - 22 ohm resistor (red-red-black) thats all I had, dunno if its perfect
1 - LED
Soldering/Desoldering Iron
Hot glue (optional)

Sorry about the bad pics

If you do anything wrong and screw up your computer, burn your finger etc etc...I'm not responsible!
It's a very easy project, but things could go wrong,

Step 1: Extract the USB Plug

Open the Intercooler (or other sacrifice) and locate the male USB plug...not to hard. Next desolder the USB plug from the board. I pulled out the middle 2 tabs because those are for data.
<p>Great Project! I made it longer and flexible so it could come on my keyboard.</p>
<p>I didn't use the resistor and it worked fine... Is that bad?</p>
why in the world would they make an intocooler for wii? it barley gets warm
actually it makes the discs HOT
being a pro wii player.. and also gamecube (cooling system is just as efficient) and not liking to save and turn off while i sleep/work/do projects i noticed after about a week my gamecube got warm and the game got retardedly hot (i've yet to do this with my wii because i love it so much &lt;3)&nbsp;which leads me to believe the wii can do the same thing . of course this is just me putting two and two together to try to come up with the most logical answer to your question so dont hold me to it<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
i am using a 10 Ohm resistor and it WAS going for 5 housrs until it started to smoke and burn out...... oops!
a usb port supplys 50mA max, and led can take 28mA max normally.<br/>with your 22 Ohm resistor that led is getting the full 50mA (and more if it can get it).<br/><br/>your going to be burning your led out.... =\<br/><br/>you should be using a 200 Ohm resistor minimum (25mA) , you could be using a 500 Ohm resistor if you want (10mA).<br/><br/>if your using a ultra bright led (the clear ones) there still blindingly bright at 7mA. (700 Ohm resistor).<br/>
How are you making your calculations? Because they are not correct. You are calculating the current through resistor connected to 5V (USB-port in this case), without anything else in series. You are right, 22ohm resistors is to small.<br/><br/>You are using U = R/I -&gt; R = U*I, but you are using wrong U. U isn't voltage drop of the whole circuit, nor it's the supply voltage (witch is voltage drop of the whole circuit :P), but in this case it's voltage drop over the resistor. In this case power supply is 5 volts, voltage drop over led is something like 1.6-2.2V (it can be something else, but these are common voltage drops of red LEDs) that makes voltage drop over the resistor: 5V - 2.2V = 2.8V. Now this is the U we are going to use in R = U*I formula, when calculating the value of the resistor.<br/><br/>Lets say voltage drop over the led is 2.2V and we want 15mA : R = (5V-2.2V)/15mA = 2.8V/0.015A = about 187ohm.<br/><br/>
been done... but they made their usb from scratch
It may be simple, it may your first Instructable, but those are some good images. Taking close-up shots often defeats people. (What camera?) L
Thank you, the camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 (got it at Costco)
Thanks for the reply - It's a nicely composed Instructable, which goes to show that "first" doesn't have to be poor. L

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