I own a nice multimeter, but I bought it in the US, and those things have sharp points, so I didn't want to even try taking it though airport security. So, I left it over in the US. Here in Korea, I still have many little projects I want to work on, but I don't have a meter here and I don't know where to buy one here if it is even possible.
I do, however, have a variety of LEDs here, and basically all I ever use my multimeter for is testing for a connection anyways, so I decided to build my own.
I expected it to go really quick, but I wanted it to look good and be usable for a long time, so I spent more time on it than planned, but I like the result very much.

Here is what I did:

Step 1: Ingredients

First of all, you will need supplies. I didn't have a lot, but I made do with what I had. Here's what I used:

Soldering Iron
Hot Glue Gun
Masking Tape
Safety Pins
Box Cutter

Wire (wrapping wire)
Metal Paper Clips
3.6 v Battery and Charger Board (harvested from a broken device)
Shrink Wrap
Tiny Plastic Box (the safety pin box)

Lots of these things could be left out or replaced, but at the absolute bare minimum you will need wire, a resistor, and LED, and a battery. Some of these things were used simply because I had nothing better, so some of the listed parts are not 100% ideal (for instance, I recommend thicker wire).
<p> Neat, thanks!</p><p>Seriously now, what was the &quot;devil indicator led&quot; 's original intended purpose? :)</p>

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