Simple Closet Shelf Organizer from leftover faux marble & plywood

Picture of Simple Closet Shelf Organizer from leftover faux marble & plywood
I made these at TechShop ( using some leftover faux marble sheet materials that were too good to throw away (Photos 1 & 2) and some hardwood plywood pieces that cried out to be put to use. (Photo 3)

I had made a few of these for our closets in the past and my wife was wondering what I was planning to do with the faux marble. So after discussing where we thought we could use a few more closet shelf organizers, I measured the spaces and shelf depths, loaded the materials into the truck and set out for TechShop, San Jose, CA. (15 minutes from our home.)

Step 1:

Picture of
I laid out the materials (Photo 1-1 ), measured them carefully, compared to the closet measurements I had made, (Photo 1-2) and then made a cutting diagram/layout sketch to generate the maximum possible pieces that fit the closet conditions. (Photo 1-3)
(The reasons the photo of the cutting diagram say "Done" is that As I c ut and labeled the pieces I wrote done on the completed step.)

Step 2:

Picture of
Cut the large pieces to size. I measured carefully with the steel ruler to set the proper distance between the saw blade teeth and the rip fence on the SawStop table saw. (Photo 2-1)

Important safety note:
The table saw key was not in the switch, but out on the table in plain view so I was certain that the saw would not start accidentally.

Step 3:

Picture of
Once the measurement was confirmed by cutting a piece of scrap wood to the width measured, I proceeded to cut the large pieces of material (Photo 3-1) into the required strips, (Photo 3-2) using push sticks for safety.

Safety: Shut down the saw. Remove the key while doing the next step.
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