I made these coasters as a present a while back for a friend. I wanted to make some more- and realized that I forgot how I did some of it. Looks like instructables is going to help me in the future in more ways than I initially imagined. As I take classes at the TechShop the options for a project continue to expand. I took the table router class just hours before I realized that it would help me complete the coasters quicker with higher consistency. 

I made it at TechShop.

Only use tools that you have had the appropriate training for. Always wear eye protection when near tools. Understand and accept the inherent risks associated with any operation.

Tools Used
Laser Printer
Paper Cutter
Table Saw
Vertical Belt Sander
Disk Sander
Table Router with a 1/8th inch radius bit
Bar Clamps

Materials Used
Color Printed Paper - 75 cents each
1/8th" 2'x4' MDF - $4
Colored Felt Sheet - 32 cents each
Spray Paint
Spray Clear Sealer
Spray Contact Cement

Step 1: Prepare and Print a Design

Prepare a design and print it out. Using a 3.5 inch square, with no interior spacing 6 can be fit on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet. I did not create the patterns used, they were found on a free vector image site. I have attached one of the AI files, and a PDF of each theme. 

Some notes on the layout: Don't put lines where you will cut, they will be visible. Remember to bleed any graphics that are supposed to go right up to the edge about an eighth of an inch. About a quarter of an inch of margin reduces the need for exact cutting. Add cut marks on all sides, then chop away. The marks will fall off before you get to use them on one of the sides, that's ok. Pick the scrap off the table- it is a perfect measuring tape for where to cut the rest are. Just line it up and cut it up.
Nicely done, see you at TechShop

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