Introduction: Simple Coat Rack Shelf

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My house doesn't have a coat closet. This unfortunate lack of space has caused coats to be left all around the house. As a way to remedy this, my wife commissioned me to build this inexpensive coat rack and shelf combination.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

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  • Drill
  • Screw Driver
  • Saw


Step 2: Cut Boards

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Cut out two boards to make the back and top of the shelf (I used 1 x 6 pine boards). Cut the top to allow one inch of overhang on each side. Using a band saw, scroll saw, jig saw, or coping saw cut out the profile of your end supports. I drew a profile that I felt looked good and then cut out a duplicate.

Step 3: Sand Boards

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Using a sanding block or palm sander, sand all the boards smooth.

Step 4: Rout Edges

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Rout edges that don't touch other boards. On the top board, I routed the front and sides. I didn't rout any edges of the back board. On the supports, I routed the front of the outside profile and the inside profile until the profile reaches the back board.

Step 5: Test Fit

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Test fit the boards to be sure the edges were routed correctly.

Step 6: Countersink and Clearance Hole

Picture of Countersink and Clearance Hole

Countersink and drill clearance holes along the support pieces and across the top board.

Step 7: Drill Pilot Holes

Picture of Drill Pilot Holes

Insert screws in the clearance holes and tap the screws to mark the pilot hole locations. Drill pilot holes and test fit.

Step 8: Glue and Assemble

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Glue everything up and make sure that everything is square.

Step 9: Wood Filler

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Mix wood filler and cover screws.

Step 10: Sand and Paint

Picture of Sand and Paint

Sand the wood filler and apply paint with light sanding between coats.

Step 11: Layout and Attach Hooks

Picture of Layout and Attach Hooks

Layout the coat hooks evenly spaced along the back of the shelf. Attach them with the screws that come with the hooks.

Step 12: Find Wall Studs

Picture of Find Wall Studs

Using a stud finder, locate the wall studs and mark their location.

Step 13: Drill Pilot Holes

Picture of Drill Pilot Holes

Holding the shelf where you want it to be located, drill pilot holes through the shelf where your studs are.

Step 14: Attach to Wall

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Attach the shelf to the wall and make sure that it's level. I used black drywall screws so they would blend in with the paint.

Step 15: Decorate

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Once all the screws are in place, decorate and hang up all your coats.

If you make a shelf like this, be sure to share your pictures in the comments!


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