Introduction: Simple Coffee Roasting

Despite what you have probably seen on many coffee sites or television, roasting your own coffee is actually quite simple and doesn't require any special tools. I will show you the simple secret to having fresh coffee each day.

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Enjoy your coffee!


uberchoob (author)2009-09-14

are you from west michigan??

technogumbo (author)uberchoob2009-09-20

I grew up in Michigan, yes. Can you tell from the accent?

uberchoob (author)technogumbo2011-08-17

Lol, I got away from instructables and never saw your post...

But yes, I was asking because of your accent :)

Tankobu (author)2008-10-01

I've used this technique for years and it works. What I usually do is transfer the roasted beans to a shallow pan and take them out side to blow away the chaff. Chaff will blow all over the place. I've made a lot of great tasting coffee over the years. Be aware that if your pan is Teflon coated that with excessive heat, the Teflon will come off. I believe it turns to poisonous gas. So as a precaution, don't breathe the fumes. A lot of kitchen pan manufacturers are moving away from Teflon...and I think that they're suppose to phase out the use of Teflon on cooking surfaces. But you can double check that.

sysiphus (author)2008-04-15

Don't you run into problems with smoke? Unless that is a VERY light roast, it seems you'd be setting off the smoke detector. I can't even get to mid-light indoors, even under a fully-vented range hood. Maybe it's a difference in the pan roast vs. various methods involving significant air flow (all of mine do.)

technogumbo (author)sysiphus2008-04-20

Hi sysiphus. Thats a great question. I have noticed that with pan roasting on the stove, it takes a lot longer then a coffee roaster. Due to this, the roast occurs much slower, and smoke is given off in a much less rapid manner over the duration of roasting. I recently purchased a Fresh Roast 6 minute roaster and I'll agree with you that it outputs WAY too much smoke to catch in a conventional range hood. I do my roasting outside.

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