This is an Easy secret safe used to store your microSd card ,password or any sort of thing....And i got this idea from a youtube video. I will post the link as soon as i gets it.

Step 1: Things Needed

2 coins

Soldering iron

Step 2: Procedure

Take the two coins and place it on top of each other and solder it so that there is a space between 2 coins..

You can shave the coins if u want to reduce the Thickness.

Step 3: Done

... Yes its done, After the solder has been dried you can place any small thing in the coin.

<p>good i like it</p>
<p>I don't understand that you dare to copy right away from YouTube. It's a lot of work to make an instructables try it yourself! Come upp with a own idea insteed. And the worst part you didn't even give the link in the indstructables and dont't mention who has made it. SHAME ON YOU! &quot;I will post the link as soon as I get it&quot; wel go ahead</p>
Bro,Stop Copying American Hacker From Youtube!<br>You are Using Photos From His Video Which Is illegal, Without His permission.
Hei i mentioned it in the post....I screen shoted it months ago ...and I forgot the channel name..Thanks for the link I was searching for it....
Idea Is Making Your Own Stuff.<br>But In This Ible You are using Someone else's Video Screenshots.<br>Which Is illegal without his permission
<p>Is it legal to melt coins and stuff?</p>
<p>Use coins from another country. You are not subjected to other country's laws while in your own country. Unless your country has been invaded by the country whose coins you abused... But then you have worse problems than having abused money... And especially then, you DO NEED this coin secret safe for your data chips...</p><p>I'll be making a few of these with Canadian pennies, they have been taken out of circulation.</p>
<p>good job</p>
<p>Yes and no. Depends on why and what for. If you are making an artistic object, yes. If you are melting down thousands of old pennies to sell them for their copper value, no. Obviously, every country will have their own laws, do a little research and have fun. </p>
<p>I grinded it and kept the shavings...Its illegal to melt it</p>
<p>Ok just wondering</p>
great idea until you get a bit wasted and forget about them and spend them haha!!
<p>awesome idea i will get a soldering iron i will make this</p>
<p>Thanks....Do it and keep your secrets private</p>
<p>i meant &quot;and i will make this&quot; </p>
<p>Interesting idea! At first I was like, how did you make such a small opening in such a small coin. Putting two coins together was a great idea :)</p>
<p>Thanks...And all your Creams are best..</p>
Great idea! Thanks for sharing
<p>And make it....Especially with wood :)</p><p>Youw wood instructables are cool.</p>

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Bio: I loves electronics and robotics and also to make things with thermocol. Love to be innovative and creative. Student at a school.
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