Introduction: Simple Combustion Launcher

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This combustion launcher design is a refinement of nighthawkinlights design.

I use a stun gun for ignition instead of a piezoelectric ignitor, guarantees a hot spark and facilitates separation of the launcher from the operator adding safety.

I'm able to launch plastic bottles over 100 metres with this device.

launch procedure is

spray fuel in bottle
place bottle on launch tube
connect ignitor.


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Step 1: Materials Needed

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1/2 inch pvc pipe, various lengths ( see photos for ideas)

the basic idea is:

2, 2 inch lengths for the inside "H" supports

4, 8 inch lengths for the outside "H" supports

1, 16 inch length for the launch tube. I'm using schedule 40 transparent PVC ( web search " Ryan Herco flow solutions clear pvc" to find a local source for clear pvc. Clear pvc is expensive however it adds a high cool factor).

3, 1/2 inch "T" pvc fittings

speaker wire

piece of paper to stuff tightly into the end of the launch tube

1 hot glue stick

Step 2: Fuel, the Best Safe Fuel

Picture of Fuel,  the Best Safe Fuel

I've found the absolute best combustion launcher fuel.

high power yet burns at a low temperature

leaves no residue

easy to ignite

what is it?

cooling spray for first aid kits

why is it so good for combustion launchers?

super low boil off point
no residue (hairspray and deodorant leave residue)
low temperature combustion unlike other superfuels like mapp gas, this will not melt the launcher or projectiles.

look at the photos for additional details including ingredients.

Step 3: The Assembled Launcher

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This is hot the launcher appears assembled sans blast shield

Step 4: Ignition Tube Assembly

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Insert the wire with the crumpled paper at the end of the PVC.

Inject a sizeable amount of hot glue at the end. This forms a seal. See the photos for additional information.

Step 5: Optional Blast Shield

Picture of Optional Blast Shield

Step 6: Fully Assembled Launcher

Picture of Fully Assembled Launcher

See photos

Step 7: Link to Video


longwinters (author)2013-10-01

All I need to know is can you blow off an ear or blind yourself cause if ya can't we gotta figure out a way to increase the power level
Btw maybe soldered batteries as a expansion source TIC

Agreed, a little danger makes it fun. I love your body of work, great stuff. I really miss Alaska...

monterreymachito (author)2013-06-16

updated with video

NightHawkInLight (author)2013-06-11

Very cool

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