Simple Computer Microphone





Introduction: Simple Computer Microphone

Very simple computer Mono Microphone

Note I Can't see any dangers but don't blame me if the mic or other components You use damages anything or if you burn your self etc. Thanks!

Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed

# * Tools Needed * #
  • Pliers
    • Wire cutters (optional)
    • Wire Trimmer (scissors will do)
      • Solder And Soldering iron

# * Parts needed * #
  • Microphone (easily scavenged)
    • Broken Head phones or stereo jack

Step 2: Prepareing the Wires

Now strip all the wires and sand all 4 wires the 2 gold wires not coated need twisting together and solder on to one side or the mic (preferably ground) ill explain in pictures

Step 3: Go Solder

Yep Go ahead and get the soldering iron warming up its time to attach some wires

First solder the 2 gold wires to the mic these both go to the same side (negative) if you preferred to you could solder them to the side of the mic then solder the two coloured wires to the positive side

(the positive side is the side with no little wires coming off going to the side of the mic)
(the negative side is the side with normally 3 wires coming off to the side of the mic)

Step 4: Making It Look Good

if you have any use some heat shrink over the mic (leaving the end clear so it can be heard clearly)

then if you want spray paint it all but tape up the metal contacts on the plug so they don't get sprayed



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    do you know wich of these whires is positive or negative!? thanks!!

    Foto 126.jpgFoto 129.jpg
    1 reply

    AFAIK, microphones are resistors that variate according to sound, so polarity shouldn't matter

    so the two uncoated copper wires go to the negative side. Where do the other ones go?

    oh i see the yellow whire is negative but i don't get it i stripped the whires from the stereo jack and there is one green whire one gold whire and one red whire where must i attach them too? the gold whire too the negative side of the mic and the green and the red one too the positive please can you tell me???? thankyou soooooo much!!!

    1 reply

    correct yellow is -ve.... you can tell by the metal connecting it to the outer metal shell of the mic.

    as for the polarity you will have to check with a multi-meter

    looking at the plug from the wire end the first metal contact is negative, the other too (at the tip of the plug) go to possative as far as i can remember :S

    im very sorry but i cannot be sure as the project was done a few years ago.

    the style of pc mic is very popular so there should be many more instructables for you to check with

    thanks for the comment

    please can u upload some betterphotos as i cant really see. Thnx

    1 reply
    user sorry i didnt take anymore photos but i havent got the mic any more :(

    if i come accross it i will get some better photo's for you

    also the photos were high quality... uploading them made them blury

    ill see if i can find the files to upload to a better photo site

    Hey you have THE EXACT SAME SOLDERING STATION AS I DO!!! I got mine from is new got it yesterdy) + good instructable

    4 replies

    be carefully not to tighten the end while its heated mine cracked as it cooled and also be care full not to leave it on full heat for more than 5 minutes or you will burn the tip out. trust me I've experienced both of these :(


    Just thought id tell you ... mine is from maplins oh and thanks for the message

    O well cool, mine was only $13 but its really good for its price

    Ouch!!! I am trying to take extremely good care of mine(I just hope I dont accidentally leave it on...)

    You could also reverse the polarity (switch wires around) on a old head phone speaker.

    2 replies

    i am afraid i do not know sorry

    Yea all it is just reversing the + wire with the - wire on the headphone speaker. I have made many cheap microphones with a piece of pvc pipe.

    I took a microphone off of a dead pair of headphones (gamer ones) and added it to a length of headphone cable. Attached pic.

    1 reply

    Cool Bet you got good sound quality (there's a way of improving it with resistors but there's no point ) direct works great!