Introduction: Simple Convertible Catnip Cat-Toy

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My Cat loves fishing for stuff. The harder to get the more fun he gets out of it, so I wanted to build an irresistible, yet inexpensivee toy for him. This is what I have come up with.

Step 1: What I Used - Materials

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  • Drainage Pipe 50 mm Diameter ( 2 inches) straight and bend (approx. 3 €)
  • an Endcap for Pipes (50 cents)
  • Some Catnip ( 2 €)
  • some length of elastic band
  • a piece of cloth
  • a screw coupling
  • some length of hemp string
  • adhesive dekor foil

Step 2: Sowing the Catnip Pouch

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First of all I cut out a 60 x 80 mm piece of cloth.

To add a little bit more grip and prevent holes in the material itself, I used a few strings which i sew on to the outside of the pouch. Make sure you leave some empty space towards the edges of the cloth, which we will need to make a neat seem.

I was then folding the cloth in the middle making a 60x40mm Piece with the strings on the outside, watching out for any of the strings sticking out of the will be seems in order to prevent insufficiencies.

Step 3:

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After doing so I turned it inside out again to fill it up with catnip.

To add some fluffiness to the pouch, I again used some of the hemp strings, which worked surprisingly well as a filling. Once I had it filled up enough I only had to stick in one end of the elastic band before sowing the pouch shut and cutting off excess strings on the outside of the pouch.

Step 4: Prettying Up and Connecting the Drainage Tubes

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All I had to do then was to connect the tube pieces, cut a few pieces out of the adhesive foil and wrap it around the tubes. To secure the catnip pouch I stuck the elastic band between tube and cap. This way it will be easier to remove/repair or simply use it as a seperate toy.

Step 5: Convertability

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Because I used drainage Pipes I dont had to worry about any stiff connections. I can take a pice off and have the Pouch hanging out, just take the Pouch to play with my Cat or wrap some of the Hemp String tightly around the Tube to make a scratcher (just stick the ends of the string between the to Pipes/Cap, giving everything a twist so the string has a snug fit and wont come loose the first time your cat uses it or use a stapler to add even more stability). If one used a horizontal T-Pipe one could even make the pouch sling from one side to the other once your cat releases it.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to improve and comment.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-18

My cats would go nuts for this

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