Simple DC Generator to Flashlight(mechanical Powered)




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Introduction: Simple DC Generator to Flashlight(mechanical Powered)

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Simple toy fan transformed to a simple generator. using hobby motor.

Step 1: Materials

Toy Fan(mechanical), electrical tape,carboard, super glue, LED(white recommended), reflective stickers, hobby motor.

Step 2: Open the Toy Fan and Replace the Elesi by a Hobby Motor

connect it by using the machinary parts(i dont know what it is but it's in the tip of my tounge)

Step 3: Place the LED to the Reflective Sticker and Connect It to the Hobby Motor

you can twist wires or use solder.

Step 4: Make a Support Using a Cardboard

roll the cardboard and tape it.

Step 5: Arrange Everything Together.

just use the electrical tape and the super glue

Step 6: Rotate the Rotating Hand of the Fan and Voila! You Have a Light!

and because it is DC. you need to Find the polarity of the LED to know the right rotation.

I want to improve this project in the near future by using more LED and Rechargable Battery :) thanks!



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    This is really neat. Thanks for sharing!