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Introduction: Simple DIY Bluetooth Speaker

Hi ,Welcome to my instructables

This instructables will guide you to build simple,cheep and yet powerful diy Bluetooth speaker. And its very easy to make , I had uploaded all possible pictures of the process please go through all images provided and fell free to ask any doubts.

The dimension of the speaker is: 11 cm length ,7 cm height ,5.5 cm width and weighs just around 300gm which is very handy and portable.

They are 3W+3W speakers with heavy sound and powerful bass compared to its size
The best part is the bluetooth range of this speaker up to 30ft (no joke) and battery backup of more than 20hrs on a single full charge (its powered by 3.7v 5200 mah cells)
Over all its a cute Little Monster. Video

You may notice there are two types of speaker that's because my amp is very powerful and my 1.5 inch speakers couldn't resist at full volume and they get blown and i replaced them with very cheap 2inch speakers.

About the speaker:
A good speaker system requires a good amplifier I had tried Pam8403 , Ns4248 these two amp never satisfied my needs as they failed to produce bass and at last I found 8002B Amplifier which is really good ,so i recommend you to use this amplifier rather Pam8403 .

Use passive radiators they serve low bass frequency , and try to fit then either bottom or back of the speaker , they produce audible bass when they are closer to the ground or wall .

Use full range speakers so that they can deliver high, mid and bass frequency and try to find speakers with larger/powerful magnets.

For this project I followed my own two rules

  1. Only do paint job after you cut out holes for the items such as speakers, switch,passive radiator ...
  2. Make the speaker airtight as possible, that's why I chose airtight container

    To follow this rule I had to eliminate few options such as volume control, Aux option , micro USB charging ...
    If there's any air leakage the speaker may produce annoying air leaking noise and may affect tight bass.

Umm and that's it Let's get started!!

Step 1: Parts & Materials

Step 2: Making Holes for Speakers

  1. First know your speaker dimension
  2. And draw the markings
  3. Cut out the marked area. make sure to sand down all the plastic burrs afterwords
    I heated up a knife and made it to red hot then slowly made the cuts .
  4. Do the paint job.
  5. Now screw the speaker's into the position and apply some glue in between .
    Be generous in applying glue and make sure no air escape from that gaps , the glue won't leave any marks after it dried
  6. Give some time to glue to dry.DONE

Step 3: Adding Passive Radiator and Switch

Do the same procedure mentioned on previous step

Step 4: Connections and Circuit

All the required circuit and individual connection are provided in this step

Step 5: Finishing It

Cute Little Monster is ready to Rock N Roll , please see the video and get to know his performance .

Stay tuned more stuff coming out

Thanks for you interest PeaceOut !



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What was the price when you did it? With all bought except the box. And the battery link you have is not sold anymore

Can u explain the last image in step 3? that looks like a female 3.5mm jack but i dont see why it would be there.

2 replies

Congrats for your excellent project!! I made it and works great!!

1 reply

Thanks for trying it out ,cheers :)


I am using pam8403 module to drive two 4ohm 3watt speakers using a 2200mAh Li-ion battery but when I increase the volume around 75 to 80% on my phone the sound starts to cut off (speaker cones move in and out extremely during the time),and when I increase the volume further it becomes worse and sounds p p p pp ppp p ppp p p... I cannot understand what is the problem, could it be because there is no enough current ?,I also tried a 2 amp 5v dc input from a fast charger of my phone but same is the case

please help me with this.

3 replies

Usally that happen because of lack of current or lack of output from amplifier , try upgarde your amp to higher watts .

but I am using a 3w speaker which is perfect for the pam8403 module right?, the pam8403 is not warming up or anything like that when i play the music.

Or because of blown ic

Can I use 4 ohm 10 watt speakers with the given parts...??? please reply. Thanks.

1 reply

yeah you can use it but yiu wont get full 5w power

Looks Awesome! Just one question; is the passive radiator necessary?

1 reply

Thanks man! its not necessary but it will definitely improve bass notes.

Hi, nice work mate, wasnt there any ground loop noise?
I had ground loop noise issue with mine since the bluetooth and amplifier boards share the same ground.
Now I waiting for ground loop isolator from Aliexpress for my second project.

2 replies

Thanks bro,

There's no single noise from the speaker this speaker remains quite when there is no music.
Which amp are you using?
Is there is any capacitor across the voltage source ?

No cap across voltage, I use PAM 8403 and have the same issue in my car which uses a creative sbs 270's amp. Its a ground loop issue, it's a very common issue with DIY bluetooth projects. Fitting a ground Loop Isolator can fix this.

I like this simple project, I noticed that you connected two batteries to one charger. Are those designed for two batteries?

All it would need is a low voltage battery protector cut out circuit.

2 replies

Thanks, already @tutdude98 cleared your question and the only difference is both battery requires more time for recharging.

They are connected in parralel which means voltage stays same
Liion chargers limit current so it should be fine