I had to create a wormery for a lifestyle project unit that I took, as part of my degree. I didnt want to buy one because they are quite expensive for a student! This one costs around £15 if you already have the tools!

My design is a Frankenstein version of various designs  that I have seen on the internet, and works on the idea of tiered boxes (rather than just a box). This makes it easier to access the worm waste.

I used Ikea stacking boxes and therefore, this instructable will be centred around using the same; however, similar boxes could be used!

I thought that it was quite easy to build, and I hope that it works for you too! Good luck!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

 Tools you will need!

+ Work bench or table - (one that could be accidentally cut, without the resultant swearing and/or tears)
+ Pencil
+ Ruler or tape measure
+ Jigsaw and plastic cutting blades
+ Power drill and a small drill bit - (a second bigger bit may be required, depending on your saw)
+ Hot glue gun and glue sticks
+ (Sealant gun - if you don't have a squeezey sealant bottle)
+ Cup of cold water
+ Drilling block of wood

Materials you will need!

+ Three Ikea "Slugis" boxes - size 54x35x16 cm  (20l)
+ Three Ikea "Slugis" lids - size 54x35 cm 
+ Bathroom sealant
<p>I made this. Admittedly with deeper Ikea bins as I already had these lying around. I did however have to add a layer between the bottom and the next layer up, because all my worms were drowning in the bottom bucket (that's weed proof pot lining that you see there and it seems to do the job). The top of the buckets is also ridiculously light, so that's two old plastic bottles filled with water keeping it down. </p><p>So far the worms seem happy enough, and I'm looking to build another for a friend soon. Thanks for the Instructable. </p>
Should the holes for the top and middle boxes be different sizes? Eg: top larger than the bottom to retain the castings while letting liquid pass?
Great instructable that would be even more complete with a clear instruction on how to use a wormery or a good link.
Good idea. How's this for size? <br> <br>http://www.envocare.co.uk/wormeries.htm <br>
This is an awesome repurposing of Ikea shelves. Great work.
That my friend, as they say, ROCKS<br /> <br /> I'm located between 2 Ikeas.<br /> <br /> My only problem is which one I can get to fastest.
&nbsp;Awesome. =]
&nbsp;If anyone decides to make this then please comment!!!

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