I had to create a wormery for a lifestyle project unit that I took, as part of my degree. I didnt want to buy one because they are quite expensive for a student! This one costs around £15 if you already have the tools!

My design is a Frankenstein version of various designs  that I have seen on the internet, and works on the idea of tiered boxes (rather than just a box). This makes it easier to access the worm waste.

I used Ikea stacking boxes and therefore, this instructable will be centred around using the same; however, similar boxes could be used!

I thought that it was quite easy to build, and I hope that it works for you too! Good luck!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

 Tools you will need!

+ Work bench or table - (one that could be accidentally cut, without the resultant swearing and/or tears)
+ Pencil
+ Ruler or tape measure
+ Jigsaw and plastic cutting blades
+ Power drill and a small drill bit - (a second bigger bit may be required, depending on your saw)
+ Hot glue gun and glue sticks
+ (Sealant gun - if you don't have a squeezey sealant bottle)
+ Cup of cold water
+ Drilling block of wood

Materials you will need!

+ Three Ikea "Slugis" boxes - size 54x35x16 cm  (20l)
+ Three Ikea "Slugis" lids - size 54x35 cm 
+ Bathroom sealant
Should the holes for the top and middle boxes be different sizes? Eg: top larger than the bottom to retain the castings while letting liquid pass?
Great instructable that would be even more complete with a clear instruction on how to use a wormery or a good link.
Good idea. How's this for size? <br> <br>http://www.envocare.co.uk/wormeries.htm <br>
This is an awesome repurposing of Ikea shelves. Great work.
That my friend, as they say, ROCKS<br /> <br /> I'm located between 2 Ikeas.<br /> <br /> My only problem is which one I can get to fastest.
&nbsp;Awesome. =]
&nbsp;If anyone decides to make this then please comment!!!

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