Step 7: Stack it and you're finished!

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 The bottom box acts as a reservoir for the liquid that is produced and the last lid fits on the top.

The next stage is to drill holes for air, but I have not decided where to put them yet! Some people put a tap in the bottom to drain the liquid, but I chose not to. It's easy enough to check it regularly and tip it out.

I would definitely recommend that you research how to keep the worms. It is relatively easy, but there are differing opinions on the best way. I'll leave that up to you! 
MonteJC5 years ago
That my friend, as they say, ROCKS

I'm located between 2 Ikeas.

My only problem is which one I can get to fastest.
Benji101 (author)  MonteJC5 years ago
 Awesome. =]