How to Make a Dancing Penny




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Introduction: How to Make a Dancing Penny

A science experiment for all ages. Keep the kids busy over the holiday. This demonstration will entertain them for hours. You can have fun making one for each of the kids in your family. All you need is a penny and a bottle. Wet the top and place a penny on top. The heat from your hand causes the air pressure inside to increase until the penny pops up slightly. It continues for a few minutes.



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    Lovely idea thanks. Just a note-the word "wahla" is pronounced V -wah -la. I notice Americans pronounce the word with a 'w'. I don't know a lot of French, but this is a pretty standard expression used by French speaking people, and it definitely starts with a 'V'. Again- very nice of you to share your video. Thanks.

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    I lived in Michigan for 4 years, and I had an incredibly wonderful experience. My comment was not meant to be offensive in ANY way what so ever. I learned so much from the American people, and I will always be grateful for their kindness. We all have different accents- a fun part of life. Please forgive me if I have offended anyone.

    the french word is Viola and is pronounced vwah - lah :) hope i cud b some help


    did that in science class.

    Perhaps hot water would be a little bit less gross

    dose it have to be a penny? coz i live in aus and we don't have penny's

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    it might work with another coin. you might want it to be about the same weight as the penny, though

    u don't? hmm. I knew money was smaller there, like the 5 dollar bill, but I did not know u had no pennys!

    HAHA!!!! Me and some buddies did this at church camp eons ago, about oh....10 years ago on my 6th grade Holliday camp trip.... but instead of our hands... we set the glass bottle in the cold snow and peed around it! yea i know it sounds gross but the warm pee warms the bottle and.... a small pop!