Simple Darts





Introduction: Simple Darts

In this instructable i will show you how to make a simple and effective dart for any reason you may have using
A thumb tack
A piece of gum
And a sticky note (or a piece of paper)

Step 1: Getting Started

ok so take your stick of gum and start chewing it because the next step may take a little while.

Step 2: The Paper

if you already have the sticky notes skip ahead to the next step

if not then i'll show you how to make a nicely shaped, somewhat of a square so you can make your dart.

step one. fold the corners of the paper (refer to pictures because i can't explain)
two. fold the bottom section enough so you can cut or rip the little stub off
three. keep the stub and fold the corners as you did in step one off the top section
and you have your little sticky note sized square.

Step 3: Shaping Your Dart

by now you will have a square piece of paper or a sticky note.
take the corners and fold them to the other corner.

take the thumb tack and shove it through the center of your square.
then take the ABC gum out of your mouth and stick it around the tack.
then fold the paper around the gum and tack till it has an X shape to it

Step 4: Throwing Your Dart

now all you have to do it hold it by one fin and throw. simple as that



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