Picture of Simple Delicous Turkey Legs
A homade Simple But Delicous Recipe for turkey Legs. :) You want to preheat the oven to 350 before starting this.

Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
1. turkey Legs most important thing you can't make this without them
2. Salt (1/5 tsp.)
3. Garlic Powder (1/6 tsp.)
4. Ground Black Pepper (this one varies depending on how much you like)
5. Season Salt (1/4 tsp.) (you can use Season All if you can't find Season Salt it'll taste about the same)
6. Limon 1 (optional)
7. Heat up the oven to 350 before seasoning
8. 2 hours of spare time (watching tv Esc.)

Small update here, if you want you can mix all the above ingredients in a bowl (besides the Limon) and then just spread it evenly on all the turkey legs. By the way the measurements here are for only 1 turkey leg, if you going to make more then follow the steps on the next page.
Sounds good just bought some turkey legs!!!
aquintero18 months ago

I make this and I love it! Sometimes I make it with Mexican seasonings, other times French herbs and even curry form Jamaica. Oh so yummy

babybayrs9 months ago

I bake chicken drum sticks the similar way all the time (380F (higher temperature means quicker, I have no patience), 20 minutes each side), never tried turkey drum sticks which in your picture surprisingly look the same as chicken drum sticks.

I've made this several times and it's perfect every time. Like keren.falkie I add olive oil, but otherwise follow the recipe and it never fails. Thank you so much for it!

keren.falkie11 months ago

I've made this several time already, it has become a true favorite. So yummy! I definitely recommend not skipping the lemon, it is my favorite part and what I think makes this a standout recipe. I do use a little bit of olive oil or butter on the turkey legs before putting in the oven.

zopacat2 years ago
How would you adjust this for MONSTER turkey drumsticks (like 2 1/2 pounds each!)
Strider (author)  zopacat2 years ago
I would just double up the measurements of the seasonings (see instructable) and than I would go ahead and make the "optional" "mix in bowl" step mandatory. once all your seasonings are mixed (you can add 1-2 drops of oil so your seasonings don't keep separating in the bowl) just sprinkle by hand over the turkey legs until you get the desired amount or you could roughly estimate by the pictures how much use
Strider (author)  Strider2 years ago
one more thing I forgot to mention you will likely have to cook them longer to insure they are fully cooked and no one gets sick. use a thermometer if you have it just be sure to poke down near the bone and that it reads at least 165
what would be the cooking time if I added four wings????

also my ham is suppose to cok at 325, could I adjust the heat so I could do both legs and ham being at same temp 325
Strider (author)  bluemoon4life2 years ago
Sorry if this is really late (like 3 years) but I hardly visit anymore. and yes you can cook at a lower temperature. keep in mind though having more items in the oven usually correlates to longer cooking times (as well as the fact you are cooking at a lower temperature) but it shouldn't be a problem in fact it may even come out more tender if you cook it long enough
claptonfan2 years ago
Hello. I just found this recipe and am going to make it for tonight's dinner. It sounds great and I'm sure it will be a hit. Thank you for posting this. Instructions quite easy to understand. Thanks, too!!!
morolin5 years ago
By "Limon" do you mean lemon, lime, or the fake fruit that is supposedly in Sprite?
lemon is more traditional, but lime would work too. (for a more caribbean taste, you could use lime and cumin, and garnish with fresh onion and cilantro.)
Strider (author)  morolin5 years ago
Yeah, made this a couple years back. I meant to spell Lemon, but obviously I messed up, thanks for that.
thagan33 years ago
"Stick Your Foil Covered Turkey Legs in the oven at 350 degrees (By The Way don't change the temprature they cook at this heat the whole time)."

They didn't forget. =P
kieRAWR4 years ago
Did you cook both sides, then put them back in the oven without foilf again? Sorry, I dont understand.
JBirren kieRAWR4 years ago
No he cooked one side covered for an hour, then flipped them and seasoned again, and cooked another hour UNcovered. For extra yum, try doing this but only about 50 minutes for the uncovered part, then put them on the grill for about 5 per side - YUM.
smartcar4 years ago
what do you do with the lemon in this recipe it didn't say, and how long do you keep the foil on it in the oven , need to know as soon as possible because i plan to cook them tommrrow when i get home from work , thanks a lot they look really really good.
Strider (author)  smartcar4 years ago
Actually in step 3 it tells you to take it off after an hour and when you move on to step 4 it will say to leave it off and cook one more hour, hope that clears it up!
Strider (author)  smartcar4 years ago
Hi there, I apologize for getting to you a day late, but as you might tell I haven't been active in quite some time. However what you want to do with the lemon in this recipe is just to squeeze it over the Turkey legs, I personally find it can add a nice zing but don't add to much or it may end up overpowering the other seasonings. I guess I may as well correct this here in the recipe it calls for lemon (1) but using 1 lemon on a single turkey leg will lead to disaster, I would use 1 lemon for about 5-7 turkey legs.
smartcar4 years ago
The temperature for these are in the recipe it is 350 in number 7 .
i gave my mom the recipe and she made them last night for thanksgiving everyone loved them thanks.
Strider (author)  shawntherobot5 years ago
Haha awsome, nice to know their turning out well for so many people. I really need to get some other recipes of my family in here. but I have a hard time finding time as you can tell
BarbZeee5 years ago
going to try this recipe tomorrow.. Looks simple and that's my kind of cooking.... Thanks again for this recipe..

Hope all have a Happy Thanksgiving. !
Goodluck  have a happy Thanksgiving
Strider (author)  shawntherobot5 years ago
Thanks, hope the same for you, if you try em out let me know I like to get feedback
Strider (author)  BarbZeee5 years ago
Awsome, wish you the best. if you like it let me know, out
Love this recipe. Never cooked turkey legs, but have ate plenty of them. First timer here and want to say thanks for the great experience. Without the recipe, I would probably be crying right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Strider (author)  old,new,something,blue5 years ago
No problem, glad you enjoyed this recipe for baked turkey.
susanscott6 years ago
Excellent recipe thanks, I just made this and it turned out great.
omorgano6 years ago
I just cooked two Turkey legs using this recipe. They were done after the first hour, so maybe I could have taken the foil off a little sooner for the browning. The leg I ate was delicious. Thank you for the posting of this simple and tasty recipe!! Fresno, Ca
Crash21087 years ago
Why would you cook it for 3 hours when it only takes two for a whole turkey?
Strider (author)  Crash21087 years ago
Well it depends on the size of the turkey. Though Ihave neverheard of a turkey cooking for only 2hours at least not thesize we get and I might remind you that these were not only raw butI like them to be slightly taosty
They look great! I think you forgot to mention what temperature you cooked them on.