Simple Delicous Turkey Legs





Introduction: Simple Delicous Turkey Legs

A homade Simple But Delicous Recipe for turkey Legs. :) You want to preheat the oven to 350 before starting this.

Step 1: Things You Need

1. turkey Legs most important thing you can't make this without them
2. Salt (1/5 tsp.)
3. Garlic Powder (1/6 tsp.)
4. Ground Black Pepper (this one varies depending on how much you like)
5. Season Salt (1/4 tsp.) (you can use Season All if you can't find Season Salt it'll taste about the same)
6. Limon 1 (optional)
7. Heat up the oven to 350 before seasoning
8. 2 hours of spare time (watching tv Esc.)

Small update here, if you want you can mix all the above ingredients in a bowl (besides the Limon) and then just spread it evenly on all the turkey legs. By the way the measurements here are for only 1 turkey leg, if you going to make more then follow the steps on the next page.

Step 2: Time to Season

Allright to make it easier then it is im gonna make you a list in wich order you follow.
1. Lay turkey Out on a baking pan like below.
2. Lay Turkey in the pan Doesn't have to be like mine as long as it fits.
3. Sprinkle some salt on them about 1/5 a teaspoon each (spread evenly on the Legs as seen below)
4. Spread garlic powder on then evenly like the salt about 1/6 a teaspoon each
5. then pepper a few good shakes depending on how much you like.
6. Season salt Use about 1/4 a teaspoon for each one
7. add enough water to make it about 1/4"-1/2" inches deep in the pan
8 Cover with foil


Step 3: Cooking Time!

Stick Your Foil Covered Turkey Legs in the oven at 350 degrees (By The Way don't change the temprature they cook at this heat the whole time) for an hour. take them out and Remove the foil. They will look like the picture Below. Turn them around and use about 2 quick dashes of each ingriedient used before (Salt Pepper Garlic Powder Seasoned salt Limon) If you used limon (which I did not) then put about the same amount on this side as well (1 lemon) if you like and have the "know how" you can save the broth (the water left after cooking) to make a tasty gravy if I have time I might make an instructable on this in the future.

Step 4: More Cooking

now Leave the Foil off and cook for another 1 hour uncovered (with the side you just seasoned turned up still). When you take them out they should look more or less like this. Now turn them around again (don't worry no more cooking) and let them stay like that about 10 minutes. Then serve em up with Mashed Potatoes and gravy and your other favorite side dish


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I've probably made this at least 10 times now, always fantastic. Always brown. So those of you who are complaining about that...go stick your head in gravy..


How do you make gravy from the broth?

If you add water as stated in this will NOT get any browning of the turkey legs at all! Period. Adding water simply cooks the turkey by steaming the meat. turkey legs in a lightly greased pan and cook at the stated temperature....but forget the water!

I beg to differ, mine came out (both times imade them) beautifully browned.

Respectfully ive made this or very similar variants of my recipe for years and i never have had an issue getting the browning that I show in the picture. I personally use water to help cook with steam which in my experience helps the drumsticks not dry out and you dont have to be concerned if its going to be fully cooked when yoi cool it this long of a time especially for those of us without a thermometer. :) in any case while I disagree thank you for the comment feedback is appreciated

I'm not the type to leave any sort of comments on anything.. but I have to say you've made cooking turkey not so daunting for me! So, thank you very much.

I'm making drum sticks so I can get the meat and make sanwhiches out of and the fact the water helps cook it means the meat won't be dry.

If you make and end up enjoying this recipe let me know :) hope it all comes out well

Hands down, best recipe for turkey legs I've ever tried...and I've tried plenty! I followed the instructions and got the most tender, flavorful legs that went beyond my wildest expectations! Thank you!!

Hi Dreamingfree im honored to have authored this simple recipe that so many have enjoyed, and what has become the best you've eaten. I hope you had a merry christmas, and a soon to be happy new year.