Picture of Simple Disc Golf Bag
Here are instructions to make a simple bag to carry your essentials while playing a game of disc golf; a few discs and a water bottle (or if you're like me a nice big beer!).

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

Picture of Stuff You'll Need
- Heavy duty fabric, I used denim.
- Thread appropriate for your fabric, I used a #80 polyester.
- Industrial Sewing Machine
- *Scrap of leather
- *Laser Cutter

* If you want a name patch.
Awesome! It looks like it would make a great picnic bag too (holding plates and what not)!
nchittim (author) 3 years ago
The place to find all of the necessary equipment and space to make this if you don't have it at home is TechShop, there is one located at 926 Howard St. San Francisco in the SoMa district.