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About a month and a half ago, I welcomed a new member in my family, Max a very nice and sweet little Silky Cocker. :o) I quickly realized I needed a doghouse for Max since he is staying in my enclosed backyard during the day, when I'm not home. Of course I could've bought a doghouse at my local pet store but since I already had some plywood sheets , I thought it would be more fun to actually build one and write an instructable from it.

Step 1: Gather what you need

Picture of Gather what you need
In order to build your own doghouse, you'll first need some basic but essentials tools:

  • saw with a miter box
  • hammer
  • multi-bits screwdriver
  • file
  • tape measure
  • ruler
  • protractor
  • a pair of compasses
  • power drilling / screwing machine

The following tools are not obligatory but strongly recommended:

  • nailing gun
  • jigsaw

That's about it for the tools you need, so now here is for the materials you need:

  • plywood sheets (I chose 1/4" tick)
  • 2x2 studs
  • one drywall bull nose (to rainproof the roof)
  • screws
  • nails
  • 8 L shape braces and 2 T shape braces

I didn't specify any dimensions in the following instructable' 'since you can size the house to your dog's size.

Once you gather all the tools and the materials, you can begin the construction of the doghouse: let's go to step # 2 !
hetricks1 year ago

My son put roofing shingles over the wood on our dog's house.

ANCO 2222 years ago
Really great plan, when I looked at the step by step guide I thought "Now this looks easier than it's going to be, I constructed the frame in my shed which is fairly large and it worked out deadly, but as I made a fairly large one I had to take it apart to get it tout the shed door lolol but it was even more straight forward then to complete it,,
If only all assembly and construction instructions were as easy to follow as these,,,great house,delighted,,Buster loves his new pad,he says WOOF WOOF (THANKS CHRISMAKE)
jkrever2 years ago
I like it !!!
IdahoDavid8 years ago
That is a fine looking dog.
Chrismake's dog is so cute.
I put a hinge on the back panel i could put the blanket and toys in easyer but thank u so much thi helped
chrismake (author)  thecodfather145 years ago
That's a good idea 1 Do you have any pictures ? Post them here !
led2355 years ago
awang86 years ago
Looks absolutely awesome! I wish my dad would let me get a dog... Actually he did let me get a dog but the RSPCA shelter doesn't have any good dogs... Also, I don't think I can afford all these materials.

Quote from dad: "Why would you build a doghouse if you can buy one for 30 bucks?"

Response from me: "Cause it's cheaper and funner and awesomer"

Response from dad: "It's not funner. It's hard work to make. And it's not awesomer, it's too... Different. And who cares about the extra savings? I can afford it you know."

ktalex awang85 years ago
ur dad sounds like a real buzzkill.
congrats! your i'ble is on a public guide by me!
chrismake (author)  Parakeet Crazzzy6 years ago
Thanks ! ;o)
Whaleman7 years ago
Aww, such a cute puppy! It makes me wish my dad would let me get a dog =( Oh well, I could make one, then he would have to get my family a dog!
bdl7 years ago
Crash2108says: That must've been why he thought it necessary to add steal brackets Crash2108, Some really questionable spelling there. See! Not nice is it?
mrbob10008 years ago
thats a pretty little cavachon there... i have one. my family got ours from some menonites in pennsylvania
gebbetje8 years ago
this is no cocker, this looks like en foofoo!
Zoso8 years ago
Another way would be to make the entire roof assembly removeable, held on with ball catches somewhat like a pop-off panel on a yacht.
Suppafly8 years ago
You could either hinge it at the bottom or put a hinge under on side of the roof.
chrismake (author) 8 years ago
theRIAA, LasVegas -> No I let MAX outside during the day but I let him inside the house - out of the cold - during nighttime. colinj -> That's right, thanks for the tip ! IdahoDavid -> thanks, but I knew by posting a picture of the dog, it would overlook the actual dog house ! ;o) screaminscott -> thanks for your constructive remarks
colinj8 years ago
If you make sure to put the dog house on top of something (like a couple of 2x4s or some bricks and not have it sit directly on the ground it will keep the floor from rotting out too quickly.
LasVegas8 years ago
Great job! By "enclosed backyard," I hope you mean "out of the cold." I wouldn't be kind to make a pet stay out in the cold, even with a small shelter.
theRIAA8 years ago
awwwwwwww, you dont let him sleep inside? D':