Simple Door Hinges





Introduction: Simple Door Hinges

Several of my cardboard furniture designs needed swinging doors and the puppet stage as well.  Finally after a few experiments, I made three types of hinges for my furniture.  They are durable, easy to make and look great.

Watch the 60 second Door Hinge movie clip now!

Step 1: Duct Tape Hinge

The first hinge I came up with uses cardboard and duct tape.

1. Draw the design on a thick piece of cardboard.
2. The extra long flaps are for folding over to create a tube for the wiring later on.
3. Cover with duct tape.
4. Drill holes
5. Loop a piece of aluminium garden wire through the hinge then fold over the back to create a strong spine. ( I used black coated aluminium garden wire which is extremely sturdy).
6. Spray with gold paint for a kind-of metallic look.

When attaching to cardboard furniture, it is useful to glue some masonite to the hingeing area before gluing this hinge to the masonite for a stable support.

Step 2: Plastic Hinge

This type of hinge was inspired by a plastic folder.  I noticed how durable the hinge was even for a very thin piece of plastic. It's a perfect material for hinge making.

 What's great is no soldering is necessary just strong aluminium wire and a bit of plastic.

1. Cut the desired shape.
2. Indent holes for the rings.
3. Cut some rings for this hinge then stabilise the spine of your hinge with another bit of wire folded over.


Step 3: Copper Foil Sticky Tape Hinge

This type of hinge is an extension of the duct tape hinge.

1. Cut the desired shape on a thin piece off cardboard.
2. Cover with duct tape.
3. Now cover with copper foil sticky tape.

It's not really necessary but looks cosmetically good on cardboard doors.



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Questions & Answers


I think I'm kind of dense or something. I'm not sure how the garden wire is suppose to work. Would a wooden dowel work as well? Thanks for the great ideas!

You're welcome!

That might work, but you might want to experiment with the wooden dowel! The way I used the wire was to keep the hinge together and prevent the bits falling apart from the weight of the cupboard.

I found though I needed some kind of super strong glue to attach the hinge as after several uses the screws would pull away from the cardboard shelf eventually.

Great- needed to build a diy hinge for a project box- will see if this will work, and if so Ill include you!


You're welcome! You might also use large tin cans as another material for hinge, that would be stronger. Good luck with that

hmm- found some ribbon cable while going through stuff- I might try to get that to work- its just easier to cut it and glue it..

that sounds great idea. You might wish to make the spine of the hinge reinforced with something straight (like the plastic folders) that helps a lot 'cos it gets wobbly if the hinge is to flexible.

What a good presentation! Very well done instructable...excellent photos, brilliant ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your nice comments : )