Picture of Simple Double Neckalce
This is a super easy and basic jewelery project that any beginner can do. All the supplies you can find pre-made at the store. (I found every thing at Michales)

What you need:
1 18 inch chain (the chain I got already came with a clasp on it)
1 24 inch chain (this chain didn't come with a clasp)
2 pendants that go together. I chose a bird and a tree.
A pair of Needle Nose Pliers
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Step 1:

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The first step really is the selection of the materials that you will be using. You want to make sure if you are going with two chains that don't look alike, that they at least have the same tone. It helps to make your piece cohesive. You also want varying length with this particular necklace. So I chose the normal chain as the short 18 inch chain, and the more unique chain to be the longest and to hold the larger pendant.

As for the pendants, again, make sure they "go" together. I chose 2 pendants in the same metal color with them same theme (nature). I chose one small one and a larger one to help balance the necklace out.

Step 2:

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On the short chain you're going to put the smaller pendant. This chain should have the clasp on it. If your chains didn't come with a clasp, you'll need to attach one.

Step 3:

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As you'll notice on the smaller chain by the clasp, there will be a link attaching the clasp to the chain.

On your longer chain you'll take the very last link and pry it apart a little bit and attatch it the the link on the other chain. Do this on both sides.

(fyi... I didn't take the second picture, I found it online somewhere. I could not for the life of me, get a good picture of a link pried apart!)

Step 4:

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On the larger chain you're now going to attach your larger pendant in the middle by prying that link apart.
canucksgirl3 years ago
Very nice result! ;)
iamkeebler (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago