Simple Dr.Doom Mask





Introduction: Simple Dr.Doom Mask

mask is very easy to do in a few minutes ( for my five year old son)

Step 1: Materials

stiff cardboard, also silver
universal glue (block)
vinyl glue
metallic spray paint

Step 2: Cut

pdf print and cut out the cardboard, then glue the pieces to form the mask. with a boring machine to create the circles of silver or gold cardboard, glue the circles as if they were rivets, finally pass on all of the vinyl glue.

Step 3: Paint

paint the mask with Sprai Metallic paint, clean up immediately to bring out the circles, 'silver then tweak to taste the details.
with staples attach an elastic band on the back.

Step 4:

wear under a green cap, you are now the Doctor Victor Von Doom!



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    responde rapido por favor: como hago la mascara

    1 reply

    The full face mask has the lower part, the other parts are glued on.

    The chin is only folded.

    That's great!

    Ever though about a layer of bondo to make smoother and me
    Tal-like prior to painting? I might give that a try.

    3 replies

    is a mask to do in a short time with the kids, so I used simple materials, but I mixed the aluminum powder to give depth to the coating of PVA glue

    Its as good or better than some of the Pepakura models Ive seen. That was why I asked about the bondo, I think it would look even better but its AWESOME as is.

    I thought well I'll pepakura initially, but I did not like, too different from the comic. I used pepakura to make the dress complete with iron man for my 4 year old son,

    Will be using this as an MF DOOM mask, nice writeup

    1 reply

    Very nice design. Looks like a fun project. I'm thinking of light steel to try it. Great job