mask is very easy to do in a few minutes ( for my five year old son)

Step 1: Materials

stiff cardboard, also silver
universal glue (block)
vinyl glue
metallic spray paint
I plan to make this out of metal and use it in the front of a helmet
<p>good luck ;)</p>
<p>responde rapido por favor: como hago la mascara</p>
<p>&iquest;qu&eacute; quieres decir</p>
<p>is the lower half and mouth piece missing?</p>
<p>The full face mask has the lower part, the other parts are glued on.</p><p>The chin is only folded.</p>
oh okay! thank you for the speedy reply :)
thanks for the idea this is great!!!
That's great!
Ever though about a layer of bondo to make smoother and me<br>Tal-like prior to painting? I might give that a try.
is a mask to do in a short time with the kids, so I used simple materials, but I mixed the aluminum powder to give depth to the coating of PVA glue
Its as good or better than some of the Pepakura models Ive seen. That was why I asked about the bondo, I think it would look even better but its AWESOME as is.
I thought well I'll pepakura initially, but I did not like, too different from the comic. I used pepakura to make the dress complete with iron man for my 4 year old son,
Will be using this as an MF DOOM mask, nice writeup
Very nice design. Looks like a fun project. I'm thinking of light steel to try it. Great job
Nice job!
thanks ;)

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