Picture of Simple Drawstring Pouch (for Beginners)
This is a little pouch I decided to make because I needed something to hold my lady's Valentine's Day gift. It's very simple to make, and took me less than an hour from start to finish.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You'll need the following:

 - Some sort of fabric (I used an old shirt the first time I did this)
 - Needle and thread
 - Safety Pin
 - A Drawstring/Ribbon (I used the handle from a shopping bag)
 - Scissors
 - A Ruler/measuring device
 - A pen/pencil that will write easily on fabric


 - Decorations!
 - Markers and whatnot for decorating.

Step 2: Measure, Cut, and Mark

Picture of Measure, Cut, and Mark
First off, figure out how large a pouch you'll be making (I made mine ~10cm wide x 13cm high).

Measure out a rectangle with side lengths of (width+1cm) x [(2*height) + (4cm)]
In this case my rectangle was 11cm wide x 30cm high.

The additional bit of fabric is there for seams and for making the lip that the string will pass through (you might not need to add 4cm depending on the thickness of your drawstring, but for me this worked). Also, if you want a wider bottom on the finished product, you'll want to add a few more cm to the height.

Now cut out the rectangle carefully.

Once you've cut out the rectangle, place your drawstring at the top of the fabric and fold the fabric over it to make the lip. Mark how far down the fabric has to go so you know where to stop sewing the sides.

Step 3: Start Sewing

Picture of Start Sewing
Let me start by saying that I don't know how to sew. I looked on wikihow for sewing tips and found that doing a backstitch is really easy, so that's what I used (I think, or I made something up).

You'll want to sew up the sides to the place you marked (for the lip). Remember, you're sewing up the inside of the bag! I used fabric that was the same colour on both sides, but if you use something that has two different colours, make sure you're sewing the part that will be inside the bag.