Introduction: Simple Drill Holder

Simple solution for holder for yours drills laying around

Step 1: Simple Problem - Simple Solution

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I have a lot of drills lying around , but do not have proper holder for them.

This is simple problem , and I made simple solution, hence simple instructable.

Step 2: Drill Holes and Install Drills

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Just use piece of green Styrofoam 5 cm in width, drill holes in it for each drill and install them in Styrofoam.

Step 3: Final

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An that is it.


HumbertoS1 (author)2017-05-30

Excellent idea!!! (I guess if it work with a wood support). Thanks for sharing.

kobyx (author)HumbertoS12017-05-30

you're welcome,

I put it on the shelf and it stands without any other support.

But I suppose it could be glued with silicon glue on some wood board , or something...

gm280 (author)2017-05-08

A drill index is always nice to have. In your situation, if you heated the shank end of the bits, you could push them into the foam with ease. I have sets of drill bits with indexes for them all. However, I use a lot of wire drill bits for drilling printed circuit boards that don't have a drill index for them. But I made a sort of index with drilling each bit into a plastic plate. And then LASERed the sizes in the plastic plate so you can see each size. And that works well. Nice project and you will like seeing the drill you want and even knowing when one is out of place too.

kobyx (author)gm2802017-05-09


this was really a fast solution , but your idea sounds interesting, with indexes etc.

I am planning to make a more advanced project of this kind, so your suggestions are helpfull.

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