Hello today im going to try to teach you how to make a simple duct tape cup ideal for

Step 1: The Materials

What youre going to need is

1 box cutter and or scissors

a cup or cylnder to mold around

and of course DUCT TAPE

When you use youre cup or cylinder i find easier to have it open on both ends so it is easier to remove
Sorry I accidentally switched the second and third picture
I forgot to mention two things <br>One its not the best quality I've ever done I was in a rush if you really nice and thorough quality u would weave the duct tape but its a lot harder and time consuming <br>Second that yellow bottle is made out of duct tape its basically the same concept as the cup <br>P.s. you could also make bowls as I did for my two dog or even large jugs.
I made one of these about a month ago and it still holds water. Very good instructions,clear pics,overall good quality. I say five stars at least.

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