Picture of Simple Duct Tape Cup
Picture 202.jpg
Hello today im going to try to teach you how to make a simple duct tape cup ideal for
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Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials
Picture 199.jpg
What youre going to need is

1 box cutter and or scissors

a cup or cylnder to mold around

and of course DUCT TAPE

When you use youre cup or cylinder i find easier to have it open on both ends so it is easier to remove

Step 2:

Picture of
Picture 174.jpg
Now that you have your cup or cylinder (in my case i used a pringles snack can) you need to wrap the duct tape sticky side out around the cup or cylinder. and keep in mind that you should youse strips of duct tape like in the picture. please do this until you are to the edge of the cylinder.

BTW: dont be afraid to layer over the strips

Step 3: The topping

Picture of the topping
Picture 182.jpg
Picture 184.jpg
Picture 189.jpg
By the time your done it should look like these first two pictures. after youve made sure its wrapped up right you make a cross over the top like it is shown on the thrd picture. after that i would like you to make another cross angled over it like in the fourth picture. when thats done and you have a double opened cylinder you can look inside to see if it is done right 

Step 4: The cover

Picture of the cover
Picture 190.jpg
Picture 191.jpg
Picture 192.jpg
now i want you to do the same things you did on the first steps except with the sticky side in. 


Step 5: Peel

Picture of Peel
Picture 195.jpg
Now for the final step just crab the cup or cylinder and try to slide/pull it out then you finally have your cup

                 I Hope You Injoyed This Instructable And Any Helpful Critiscism Or Improvements Are Welcome 
mooner77 (author) 2 years ago
Sorry I accidentally switched the second and third picture
mooner77 (author) 2 years ago
I forgot to mention two things
One its not the best quality I've ever done I was in a rush if you really nice and thorough quality u would weave the duct tape but its a lot harder and time consuming
Second that yellow bottle is made out of duct tape its basically the same concept as the cup
P.s. you could also make bowls as I did for my two dog or even large jugs.
Mr.19113 years ago
I made one of these about a month ago and it still holds water. Very good instructions,clear pics,overall good quality. I say five stars at least.