Don't you just HATE it when you toss your earphones or headphones on your desk, and the next time you come get them, they're all tangled up. It's like some tangling troll wizard zapped them in the brief seconds you were gone.

No one wants to spend 5 minute untangling their headphones!

Luckily  you can easily install this Earphone/Headphone Holder that only involves a few paperclips, a bit of paper, and some tape!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-10 paper clips of desirable size (the bigger the paper clip, the bigger the headphones it can hold)
-A sheet of paper (decorated or not)
Hmm thats a load of paper clips
@alee18 The headphones are Nakamichi's,but I don't know the width of the band. I cant find them at the moment,and I'm lazy. Lol. ^_^
If only my headphones weren't big at the band part...
You can make hangers that can accommodate for larger banded headphones by using more paperclips or custom-bending your own paperclips. If you provide me with the dimensions I could send you a design.

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