Step 1: Supplies

All you'll need is duck tape, a rubber band, and a stick
Antioch I'm very happy that you enjoy my instruct able. You just made my day :P
Yes moe you have a point there. But this isn't for killing things. I made this bow as a little toy for my little cousin. It shouldn't propel far. I am also going to post an instruct able on how to make a safe arrow
it won't propel the arow far
This is a very interesting and original, never-seen-before idea, and very creative. You should definately hook up with McGyver (and ignore all clueless critics who will claim that the duct tape won't hold the rubber band when pulled by a real man (like you are!)) <br> <br>P.S.: I will personally shun and bully every little kid that I see running around with your design, claiming he came up with it by himself! Copyright is serious business!

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Bio: My goal is to show you how to make random stuff with items almost EVERYONE HAS! Even your pet can do it....maybe!
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