Simple Easy (Walmart camping) Privacy Curtains for your car!

Picture of Simple Easy (Walmart camping) Privacy Curtains  for your car!
From time to time I find myself sleeping in truck stops, rest areas and Walmart parking lots.
one thing I've always disliked is the lack of privacy while sleeping in my car. I've woken up to people staring at me while I sleep and that's creepy!
I devised a simple system that is not permanent and really easy to set up

All you need

A bunch of small or medium sized binder clips
 a couple blankets or sheets 
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Step 2: Difficult places and spacing

Picture of difficult places and spacing
there are some places that the clip ends won't fit in. you may have to space the clips further apart.
If the trim on the interior of your car is held on by screws you can also fasten the binderclips with those screws.

Step 3: Good and better

Picture of good and better
the large clips are a little unwieldy, however if they are all you have they will work fine. also with the mouth of the clip upwards i found that the clips hold the sheet better and don't rub on the headliner so much

Step 4: Clip up your Blanket!

Picture of Clip up your Blanket!
it's as simple as that! once you have your clips up you can hang your blanket!
you can leave the clips in place or do as I do and store  them in the unused  ashtray.

Step 5: Tada!

Picture of Tada!
Sleep in comfort and privacy!
I use a standard windshield cover for the front window.
WaywardBen2 months ago

I am planning a road trip in about 5 months in my little ol' 3cyl Geo
Metro and want to save gas money vs my old 10mpg hwy motorhome (it's
going to be about a 4800 mile round trip) by parking overnight at truck
stops and such places when I can. KOAs are expensive as are motels. Gov
campgrounds are more reasonable usually, but often they are far off of
the interstate so you end up driving 30 miles out of the way. I have
been tossing ideas in my mind about how to put up curtains in my car
which is how I came upon this. Your idea isn't bad if you have the
supplies alright lying around, but not so great if you have to go out and buy the clips.

The main thought I've had is to
use velcro to stick up and take down curtains. I can find an old dark
color sheet at a thrift store and cut it down into smaller pieces for
putting up as curtains in the car when I stop for the night. Dark is
better than light because it doesn't stand out as badly from a distance
at night. Plus I already have a big roll of self-sick velcro. I can
easily sew one side of it to the fabric of my choice to keep it on and
the other side will stick to the hard plastic trim in the car. Less muss
and fuss than with the clips. reaching back and dropping clips on the
floor etc.

Some might not want bits of velcro stuck up in their car when they aren't on a trip, though.

You can get some half-way privacy cheap car curtains on ebay from China for under $4/set that uses suction cups but then you end up with smudgy windows and the suction cups might come loose in the night.

waynemanor1 year ago
I really like this idea. I added one thing to make it a quicker put up and take down: Magnets. I added one of those super strong rare earth magnets to each clip, so that all you have to is slide the magnet off, put the edge of the sheet in front of the clip and then put the magnet back over it. This way you don't have to fumble with insterting the sheet into each clip, and you can just yank the sheet down when you're ready to go. The magnets will stay with the clips. I found this works really well on longer trips when you'd leave the clips in place. I also attached with double sided tape, a couple of large washers to the back corners of the rear "dashboard" so that the sheet covers the rear window really well
josh (author)  waynemanor1 year ago
Brilliant! I'm going to stop by the shop and get some little magnets tonight!
valkgurl1 year ago
GReat IDea! Never leave home without Binder Clips! I use em for keeping the seat belt from strangling me; for holding things on my mech scooter; repairs; kids stuff--in fact this is a GREAT idea for temp hanging a towel or small fabric piece for over the kids window (when you are not moving) or on the side windows for those hot days. I stash several of them on the vent vanes. And on my purse. And in my room Also great for clamping til glue dries. . And oh yeah they come in handy for papers too.