Simple Easy (Walmart Camping) Privacy Curtains for Your Car!





Introduction: Simple Easy (Walmart Camping) Privacy Curtains for Your Car!

From time to time I find myself sleeping in truck stops, rest areas and Walmart parking lots.
one thing I've always disliked is the lack of privacy while sleeping in my car. I've woken up to people staring at me while I sleep and that's creepy!
I devised a simple system that is not permanent and really easy to set up

All you need

A bunch of small or medium sized binder clips
 a couple blankets or sheets 

Step 1: Two Ways!

There are two ways to do this. I found that i like the clip mouth facing up because it seems to me that it might be more friendly to the headliner. As shown, all you do it place one of the wire handles between your car's interior trim and the headliner!

Step 2: Difficult Places and Spacing

there are some places that the clip ends won't fit in. you may have to space the clips further apart.
If the trim on the interior of your car is held on by screws you can also fasten the binderclips with those screws.

Step 3: Good and Better

the large clips are a little unwieldy, however if they are all you have they will work fine. also with the mouth of the clip upwards i found that the clips hold the sheet better and don't rub on the headliner so much

Step 4: Clip Up Your Blanket!

it's as simple as that! once you have your clips up you can hang your blanket!
you can leave the clips in place or do as I do and store  them in the unused  ashtray.

Step 5: Tada!

Sleep in comfort and privacy!
I use a standard windshield cover for the front window.



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Have you fellas every tried the bungie-cord and the binder clips , give it a go , easier , cheaper AND lighter than Magnets , just use your imagination , Wonder-Works , Cheers , Love you all ... :)

ahh that sounds like a brilliant plan! I'll try it!

What's wrong with watching ppl while they sleep? Lol

Simply, you are not human , thats it . Don't do that to any one, just be good human..... :)

Where do you stay? I would think cops would coming knocking to tell you to go home or get a room lol! Capitalism sucks! I guess we could take a chance at somewhere like that or a rest area? I've wanted to do this at a park but feared the Rangers or cops would tell me to move lol!

I know of thousands that use WalMart parking lots all over the country with no problems. They also camp on BLM lands with no problems and as a matter of fact they camping on BLM lands as of this date in Quartzsite, AZ. A million campers converge on the town all winter and then move on. Think you can do that in a Non-Capitalist Country? Do your homework and find the BLM Lands and then you have no FEAR of Rangers or Cops. Just be nice and they will let you stay and even let you know if you can be there for two weeks at a time. Then drive 30 minutes and do it again! and again. and again. It's Called Freedom~

Whats that got to do with capitalism?

What does that have to do with capitalism? Ask Senator Bernie Sanders. Independent senator from Vermont who will explain that the other 98% of Americans who think capitalism serves them and and has their best interests in mind are actually getting screwed by the system . Many of us cannot afford a place to live or simply do not want to stand in the breadline in order to be able to pay rent, which includes those of us on Social Security Disability as well as people working at places such as Walmart. something which is even more true of people in the LGBT community. Many of us awesome preferring to live in state where we will have the basic rights all human beings should have in America, for example, California, which also has the warm weather that doesn't require one to have a hot and toasty apartment. Unlike Buffalo, New York, for example where it snows five months out of the year if not 6 months. In case you don't believe me just ask somebody from Denmark whether or not the United States is the greatest country and don't be surprised if they tell you it is not.

Bernie Sanders Lost! HA HA

America The Beautiful is a place you have the right to not live in a house. I know of thousands of people that live in their cars BY CHOICE. Go try that in a communist country. OR better yet go move to Denmark or any other country and see how you fair. Think you getting Screwed here in America? Then by all means go live in another country and quit stinking up My Country.