I may post an instructable for this.
This is a simple electronics project I set myself. I used vacuum formed plastic to make the case. To make it I simply made a solid wooden box and put it in a machine which melts plastic over the wooden model and 'sucks' it on tight. Once set you get a nice result.
To make the battery holder (although it's a little temperamental) I simply bent a piece of plastic using a hot wire to make a "||" shape the same width as the battery.
Lastly the circuit was made using copper clad board. I laid out my circuit plan on the board using strips of vinyl and then put the whole thing in a bucket full of etching liquid (can't remember the exact name!) which dissolved all the copper apart from what was under the vinyl which left a nice, neat circuit board! All that was left to do was drill holes for the components, a hole for the switch, and 2 holes for the LDR (light dependant resistor, A.K.A light sensor). I drilled a hole in the base to make it easier to remove.

If you head to the original YouTube video the description has a good use for this device!

Nice, looks cool, cant wait for the instructable (If you do make one anyway) Also i will make it if you show me how to. 4.5*
OK but you will need a basic grasp of how to solder before you start this.
You don't, do you?
Well I have a soldering iron in my tutor room in school, and we are allowed to use that after school, but no computer in that room, so Id probably have to take my laptop in :)
Why would you need a computer?
oh right for the 'ible lol
Yeah, Lol.
BUT NOW YOU'RE A PRO YOU CAN PRINT THE PDF FILE!<br /> That's if I ever post. Which I doubt.
lol I think you answered this for me!
Oh ok I don't have circuit wizard but you can design circuits with PCB wizard but it's not as good as a proper circuit make like livewire
I use "Livewire" I think PCB wizard is pretty much the same though.
Here is the circuit everyone!
Posted it above
Could you plz send me the circuit. ilike it it's very good. LOL
Posted it above
Okay you're not the first to ask me so I'll put a few diagrams on the comment section in a bit
You should improve your english. No offence. Kabir
What? Why? I know there's like 1 typo in the video but that's it
...witch, and 2 holes for the LDR (light <strong>dependant</strong> resistor, A.K.A light sensor). I drilled a hole in the base to make it ...<br/><br/>Not to mention some simple mistakes in grammar like long sentences and some meadering ones.<br/>
1) I spelt dependant right check it again (I didn't just correct it now)<br/>2) I don't think that there's anything wrong with my grammer or spelling I'm working at A* level for my GCSE english literature and language. <br/><br/>And besides my internet has no spell checker so there may be a few spilling mestakes. <br/>
few <strong>spilling mestakes</strong><br/><br/>Nice!<br/>;)<br/>
=) <br/>Please vote for my Forbes teach me fast entry! Please!<br/>Link: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Magic-with-fire-Forbes-teach-me-fast-entry/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Magic-with-fire-Forbes-teach-me-fast-entry/</a><br/>
Oh, and I spelt s<strong>witch</strong> right<br/>
Dude, he and i both come from England. We can both speak perect English, thanks very much!
Looks pretty good!
did you make this in school because i made something like this in scholl last year?
I 'borrowed' the school's vaccume former and hot wire, but everything else was either made in the garage or the shed. I also helped build the shed too. I nailed and laid the floor and varnished the walls and also constructed some of the walls. Of course it was a team effort with my dad the only thing I did 100% alone was varnishing the walls.
im making a tree house with my dad. i havent started but i cant wait.
Yeah, I'll do it on paint or something because my scanner is a bit temperamental! Does it matter if there are no components just the layout (just easier to do!)?

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