Introduction: Simple Electronics Project -- Infra-red Jammer

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This little instructable shall show you how to create a simple Infra-red jamming device which could be used for many hours of TV pranks.

Step 1: Infra-red Jammer - Parts List

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For this project you shall need:
1 x 10K Potentiometer
2 x 10nF Capacitor
As many IR LED's as you please
Equal amount of 330 Ohm resistors for LED's
1 x 56 Ohm resistor
1 x 555 Timer IC

You can get most of these parts from an online retailer or electronics hardware shop relatively cheap.

Step 2: IR Jammer - PCB Layout

Picture of IR Jammer - PCB Layout

If you wish to create a PCB board for this circuit, I have a recommended layout here.


AnkurM3 (author)2015-05-01

i am about make this project for my college, it'll be of great help is you could confirm or make a video that indeed this project gives a output.

IAmMe² (author)AnkurM32015-05-01


This circuit is fairly simple and the 555 timer IC is fairly robust. Provided it is wired correctly, this circuit will work. Do not add too many LED's to the 555 output (pin 3) as the LED's may become fairly dim. If you wish to prove the infrared LED's are working, any standard camera should let you see the infrared light.

PatrickB7 (author)2014-12-27


do I need a 10K or 100K potentiometer? (list says 10K, Pic in step 2 says 100K)

IAmMe² (author)PatrickB72014-12-27


Sorry for the confusion, the potentiometer should be a 10K linear

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