Introduction: Simple Elevator Hacking

Quick and Dirty way to cheat an elevator. Works with numberous elevator brands.

Step 1: The Only Thing to It!

Oh so this is something that is included in most elevators as a precaution. Has saved me alot of time though when i walk into the lobby and i'm almost late for a meeting on the 40th floor. It's a little tricky the way it handles it, but think of it as a first come first serve thing. If you press the floor you are going to and the door close button at the same time it switches the elevator into express mode. Once you are in express mode, it skips all other requests until it gets to the first floor that has a glowing button. Some elevators i have found it seems to work better if you press it twice. Some you may have to hold the 2 buttons for a few seconds. I have had about 90% sucess rates with this though.


bleach815 (author)2009-08-22

ca u make a video to see if this really works? cause some ppl are saing tat it doesn't work in the comments...

ideas from no where (author)2009-04-13

I also have a very funny elevator trick, 1 if you are waiting outside the elevator hold the door until the elevator arrive and wait for a few seconds or minute. and run or hide away from the elevator or if you are a good "actor" act like innocent on what happen 2 while you are inside the elevator, going to your destination with the other people or friends inside force to open the door of the elevator it will stop like some happen or it will shake little and look at the reaction of th epeople inside. note: Im not resposibe to any thing happen

ideas from no where (author)2009-04-13

can you please. try If you press or hold the floor you are going to and the door open button at the same time. ha ha ha

eli006 (author)2008-12-04

I work on elevators, this isn't true. Could be due to code requirements in my area but I doubt it.

KLUTZYengineer (author)2008-06-10

Edag - Very nice, deserves an applaud for your grammar expertise.

liftcadet (author)2008-04-30

having been in the elevator industry for 20 years i can tell you that this won't work unless you have a key to put the elevator on independent service.

trebuchet03 (author)2006-10-24

wow.... pushing buttons became dirty o.0

polymath (author)trebuchet032006-10-24

How many fecal filled fingers do you think touch elevator buttons in a high-rise building? Of course it's dirty! I think the use of "though" is inappropriate, I'm suprised you have a job with the grammer issues you have.

edAg (author)polymath2006-10-26

"Fecal filled fingers"? Nice alliteration, but poor use of English. Were you trying for "fecal smudged fingers"? Also, your use of "it's" to reference "elevator buttons" is incorrect, inasmuch as the plural "buttons" calls for a "they are" rather than singular "it is." "Suprised" isn't English either. Think you might have intended to use "surprised." Oh, and "grammer" is really spelled "grammar." Do you have a job? Just curious. ;)

bigpinecone (author)edAg2006-12-19

when he said "it's", he didn't mean the buttons are dirty, he meant the idea of pushing buttons, not just the buttons

edAg (author)bigpinecone2007-01-25

I think my point was that if you are going to say someone else's grammar is so bad you are surprised they have a job, which is what polymath said, you ought to be pretty sure your grammar is perfect. Given how many errors there were in two lines, his comment, frankly, seemed very much over the top.

Digital_Anarchy (author)edAg2007-12-12

Not to mention the fact that even with perfect grammer, it's better to say nothing if you're not going to be constructive. little grammer errors in a comment are not really worth pointing out anyway.

You're right. You are just typing as fast as possible, not caring about mistakes.

edAg (author)itsmanofpopsicle2008-03-27

You are both right. I am not a grammar fascist. My post was a *cynical* post directed at Polymath, whose prior post was: (i) a nitpicky grammar fascist post of the worst kind; (ii) over the top in suggesting that the original poster of the instructable was unemployable for what are relatively minor grammar infractions; and (iii) ironic in that, for a post criticizing someone else's grammar, it was itself riddled with grammar errors.

Read the whole thread.

Digital_Anarchy (author)edAg2008-04-08

i was agreeing with you before.

trebuchet03 (author)polymath2006-10-24

?? No one on this page used the word "though" How many fecal fingers? I really don't care - its not worth getting in a bunch over. I have to push a button to use the elevator - so this is no more dirty than regular elevator use....

Murf (author)trebuchet032006-10-24

You'll get as much fecal matter on your finger from touching an elevator button as touching any other commonly touch object (doorknobs, etc). Stop getting oyur panties in a bunch over it. Trust me (I'm a Biochemist), there are so many germs/etc out there (and not only in obvious places either) that if you worry too much about the germs you'll spend all your time worrying and no time having fun.

iamtheinsideoutman (author)Murf2007-05-06

if you were really a biochemist, i very much doubt you would use the word "germs" .the correct term would be pathogen, so don't lie and pretend your someone your not...

Murf (author)iamtheinsideoutman2007-05-06

I realize that "germs" is not the correct technical term. I also realize not everyone here has a specialty in biochemistry so I tried to use a more common word.... but thanks for making everyone feel bad ....

That Hurt This Time (author)Murf2007-06-01

think about all the people that have handled that 2001 dollar before u. for all u no the couldve wiped with it

Murf (author)iamtheinsideoutman2007-05-06

Oh and second of all.. pathogen is actually a microbiology/immunology word..... biochemists tend to work with bacteria more, and thats what I was actually referring to...

austin (author)polymath2006-10-24

wow man you relly need to take you head out of your...

austin (author)austin2006-10-24

thats right relly, not really.

redfoxwire (author)2008-02-06

does it work or not?

KronoNaut (author)2007-07-31

Some older elevators are set so you do it this way. Press cancel. Press your floor. It goes to your floor without stopping.

The Muffin Man (author)2007-06-24

haha thats soo awesome thanks

blackhistorymonth (author)2007-06-11

have you tested this at all? have someone on another floor press the elevator after you do this to see if it works.

epic59 (author)blackhistorymonth2007-06-11

did you not read 40th floor. it went 40 floors. no stops. ive done it several times and it works every time so far. have not specificially tested this, but the odds of someone not having pushed a button at 430pm going down are very slim.

Everfalling (author)2007-05-17

hmm. i've heard of this before, but it's never worked for me. never thought to keep the buttons held in. i'll try this method from now on.

magganrchy (author)2007-05-06

It works best if you simply hold the buttons for the whole least that's what works for me

MFN_00 (author)2007-04-17

that is so tight i am going on a trip tomaro and i am going to show off with this one

lemonie (author)2007-01-20

I'm somewhat doubtful that you were ever 'late for a meting on the 40th floor'. However, I will humour you by asking which lift software you have found to do this. I'm asking for for a lift brand, because this must be a soft feature.

epic59 (author)lemonie2007-01-20

well since you seem to know all..... it was an Otis elevator... and yes... i was... thats what happens when you work in a building that is 62 stories tall... and you just came back from lunch. good job troll.

Tool Using Animal (author)2006-10-26

I thought this was gonna be a cool hack, like how to ride for free, guess I'll just keep having to pay to ride the elevator.

TheCheese9921 (author)2006-10-25
irwinner (author)2006-10-24

lets do an experiment, have one of your friends go to the second floor, have him press the up button and shortly after he does do your "trick" and choose the 3rd or 4th floor, do it a few times to see how well it works, then we'll know that it works

epic59 (author)irwinner2006-10-24

i dont have to do that. i can make if from the first floor to the 40th floor of my office building without stoppingat 445PM. i call that working ;)

0.775volts (author)2006-10-24

this is an old wives tale unfortunately. There is an express mode on some elevators, but the keypress to activate it can be anything, and it's usually disabled. The only way to test this for sure is to experiment with it and see. 90% of the time you can do this and get to your floor because nobody else has called the elevator.

_diyMATT (author)2006-10-24

i did this trick lke 30 times over the weekend at a LaQuinta hotel. To this day I have no idea if anybody was staying on floors 2-4 since the elevator never stopped.

crapflinger (author)2006-10-24

how do you know there's just no one else waiting?

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