Step 6: Making objects

Picture of Making objects
tracing godzilla.JPG
tracing godzilla 2.JPG
Here's a car I made in Pivot, using an old poster in my room as a reference:

A good artist knows how to use all the elements. SO now that you know a couple of basics, lets try using the resources.

Its always good to keep images close for reference. If you like you could put the picture as a temporary background so you can look at it

Here's an extremely useful tip: when you want to make something that comes from the middle of two points ( you can only create new segments on top of a point. SImply create a segment along the lines.) Observe first and second pictures.


  • Avoid round objects, use as many edges as you can find
  • Fancy cars are actually easier to draw because they have a lot of edges. regular cars nowadays have a lot of curves, which are quite hard to trace
  • You can try cartoon characters too!! For example, my avatar!