Simple "Nail File/ Emery Board" Made From Toothbrush





Introduction: Simple "Nail File/ Emery Board" Made From Toothbrush

This is not my idea, I just want to share with u.

Sand the used toothbrush and stick sandpaper on it with double-sided tape.

Then it become a simple files and specially good for sanding plastic model.


u can also stick sandpaper on popstick or a piece of acrylic sheet.

Have fun !



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    not exactly files, more like sanding blocks, i have dome same thing with a vibrating toothbrush and one with an old battery electric toothbrush so it rotates, both have a thin sponge between the sanding surface and the former brush head.

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    Thx, I don't know the exact wording of this item, but I found that "nail file" is similar to this, so I called it "file", maybe I change it to "nail file".

    For the the electric one, here are the commercial products for your interest.

    GT08 電動コードレスポリッシャーⅡ

    GT07 Mr.ポリッシャーPRO 

    well its more an emery board, a nail file is still a metal file. emery board is pretty much sandpaper or emery cloth glued to a stick X3

    Good idea! Thanks for passing it along.

    BTW, the word "file" works for me. IMHO, it became a file when you attached the abrasive to a handle.