This is a simple instructable for making beautiful & warm fingerless gloves or arm warmers. This should take you less than an hour to make one pair. Once you make one, you'll be able to make more faster and with ease. I've included several of my personal patterns (in PDF form) for your use. One pattern is a size small, the second one is a kids size small (for ages 3-5) and the last pattern is for arm warmers (without thumb slots) and is a size small. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

  • Polar Fleece or similar material (1/4 yard)
  • Sewing machine - I love the Brother CS6000i
  • Scissors
  • *Cutting Board & Rotary Cutter are optional but highly recommended (This is the only way I cut material - it saves a lot of time, but be careful as blades are sharp)

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<p>I would like to make these for my daughter as a gift, so I can't measure her. She is 8, but fairly big for her age and wear a size 12. Any clue as to whether the size small will fit her? Thanks! She has been begging for a pair, specifically with the thumb. :D</p>
<p>Hi, StephanieM209 I have made these a few times. For my daughter as well as for myself, husband and other friends and family. I think the kids size would work fine for your daughter. Mine is 4 but the fleece stretches for a comfy fit (I can even wear them if I wanted a short glove). My husband wears the adult size. I just made my seam allowance smaller and widen the cut a little bit.</p><p>Hope that helps!</p>
I adapted your Instructable to fit my materials and hands/arms. I made one out of a lace shirt that I no longer wore. You also made me comfortable enough to make my first Instructable where I give you credit for inspiring me.. This will also be my first project in the &quot;Historical Sew Fortnightly.&quot; which was titled reuse. Thank you for your inspiration.
<p>Thank you - so sweet - wish I would have seen this years ago!</p>
<p>Very fun! I made a snowflake on mine.</p>
<p>Thats hard</p>
<p>Thank you! I had a pair from a clothes company and they stopped carrying them. I was just thinking- these should be so easy to make.... And you made it easier! My hands will be much warmer at work now!</p>
<p>Hi, can you post a PDF of the pattern with thumbs for ages 17, please? ^.^</p>
This is cool. I love the cat detail too. This is perfect for a costume I&quot;m making. Thank you for sharing!
Aww they look so cute to wear ^-^
Nice! &gt;^.^&lt; I love the kitty :)
Thanks it's my fav one too! :)
I love armwarmers! Those cat ones are so cute!
Thanks Penolopy! :) I made three different pairs with the decals for my nieces last winter - the cat ones in the picture, a puppy one and a horse one! It's fun and they love them!
These are great. I like that you included a pattern, too!
Thanks Jessy! I appreciate the comment! :) I love making these and they make great gifts as well. ;)

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