This is a simple instructable for making beautiful & warm fingerless gloves or arm warmers. This should take you less than an hour to make one pair. Once you make one, you'll be able to make more faster and with ease. I've included several of my personal patterns (in PDF form) for your use. One pattern is a size small, the second one is a kids size small (for ages 3-5) and the last pattern is for arm warmers (without thumb slots) and is a size small. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed

Picture of Gather Materials Needed
Materials Needed:
  • Polar Fleece or similar material (1/4 yard)
  • Scissors
  • *Cutting Board & Rotary Cutter are optional but highly recommended
JadeV5 months ago

Hi, can you post a PDF of the pattern with thumbs for ages 17, please? ^.^

dogsrule0909 made it!1 year ago

Very fun! I made a snowflake on mine.

I adapted your Instructable to fit my materials and hands/arms. I made one out of a lace shirt that I no longer wore. You also made me comfortable enough to make my first Instructable where I give you credit for inspiring me.. This will also be my first project in the "Historical Sew Fortnightly." which was titled reuse. Thank you for your inspiration.
ikssk2 years ago
This is cool. I love the cat detail too. This is perfect for a costume I"m making. Thank you for sharing!
Aww they look so cute to wear ^-^
MicioGatta3 years ago
Nice! >^.^< I love the kitty :)
HollyMann (author)  MicioGatta3 years ago
Thanks it's my fav one too! :)
I love armwarmers! Those cat ones are so cute!
HollyMann (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thanks Penolopy! :) I made three different pairs with the decals for my nieces last winter - the cat ones in the picture, a puppy one and a horse one! It's fun and they love them!
These are great. I like that you included a pattern, too!
HollyMann (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks Jessy! I appreciate the comment! :) I love making these and they make great gifts as well. ;)