Simple Fingerless Gloves


Introduction: Simple Fingerless Gloves

If you ever find yourself in a pinch you can very easily make yourself a pair of gloves with a pair of socks
marker (optional)

Step 1: Mark Sock

Mark 6-8 inches of the sock end.

Step 2: Cut Sock

Cut on the lines you marked

Step 3: Mark Fingers

add 1/2 inch marks where your fingers would go.

Step 4: Additional Tip

You can hold your hand on the sock to see where to mark the lines for your fingers.

Step 5: Trial

Cut where you marked. . Only make slits

Step 6: Thumb

Now have your thumb facing up and mark where your thumb sticks up

Step 7: Complete

Now you are done. just repeat and make yourself a pair. you can cut the excess sock off, or you can just leave it.



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    Just remember to take your fingers out of the gloves before cutting! Hahaha!