SO if you have a family anything like mine you will have a few things laying around that can be used to makes a fire starter for those that fire doesn't spring from their finger tips. I am kind of a pyro, but the wife isn't so i made these to make it easier for her.

-Egg Cartons (I used the 18 count, but the one dozen or half dozen will work just as well, as long as they are made of paper)

-Lint (from your dryer vent, or pocket, Save it up its highly flammable)

-Wood Shavings (I used the shavings from my snake cage, sawdust or whittled shaving work as well)

-Easter Basket Paper shredding (any kind of shredded paper will do

-Wax (I went and bought Paraffin wax,  but if you have candles that you can melt down that will work too)

A soda can for pouring the wax if you don't have anything else.

Step 1: Prep the Cartons

It really doesn't matter what order you put everything into the cartons, I chose this particular order for an easier lite and longer burn time. Experiment for yourself to find what works for you. 

Here is the order:

~Wood shavings
~shredded paper
~wood shavings

Once filled press the stuffing in firmly to give yourself a little indentation. 

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