Simple Firecracker





Introduction: Simple Firecracker

This is a simple / cheap firecracker you can make with four items and 5 minutes of your time.

First of all, I want to remind you that fireworks are dangerous .. even the cheap ones. I am not responsible for your actions.

With that said, let's get started.

Step 1: What You Need:

- Tape ( any kind ... duct tape, masking tape .. etc ... but scotch tape worked the best for me)
- Two nickels
- Roll of caps ( caps that you put in cap guns)

*Note: I got these caps at walmart and on each roll is 5 separate strips which is all you need for one product.

Step 2: Folding Strips

- Remove one strip from the roll.
- Fold it in half ( The long way .. see image below ).
- Fold all 5 strips.

Step 3: Wrapping Nickel

- Take one of your folded strips and begin wrapping it around one of the nickels.
- Then take a second folded strip and make a second layer.
- Tape the end to hold it down.
- Do the same for the second nickel.
- I usually do 2 strips per nickel but you could do as many as you see fit.

  • Does more strips = Louder bang ? I'm not sure .. I would think so but try and see.

Step 4: Putting Them Together:

- Now, take both of your wrapped nickels and put them together as shown below.
- Tape the crap out of it.
- The image below is not the final so imagine that all taped up.

  • Remember, it's not about how much tape you use, it's how tight you tape it. Compression is key.
  • I used duct tape but I would highly recommend using scotch tape. I am not sure why exactly but the bang was about 5 times louder with scotch tape. However, I got more smoke using duct tape. ( Small puff of smoke .. nothing to get excited over ).

Step 5: How to Use:

Well this step is pretty obvious. Just find a hard pavement like surface and whip it as fast as possible. It should bang on impact. The bang is pretty loud depending on how well you make it and at night you can see the spark.

Have fun and be safe !

  • I'll get a video here as soon as I grab some scotch tape.



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    this is called penny bomb.....................................

    scotchtape is simply a strip of plastic with glue on it and ducttape is woven so where scotchtape suddely breaks with that nice hard sound the fibers in the ducttape restraint the energy and break only slightly

    first of all is that true ? and if not knock it ,off death is not funny

    You need a blasting cap to ignite trinitrotoluene.

    yeh well mine dide to so shut up

    Yeah right BstnRed Sox 3312

    its hard to light tnt with fire, and even when lit, it doesnt explode much morethan an equal wirhgt of gunpowder. what really makes tnt blow is the explosive force of a blasting cap that compresses the molecules and make them react violently, ie, explode. if your frind died, that sucks, but give proof or i wont believe u. also, how hte hell did u get your mitts on TNT?

    yay right

    Nice ible. I've got a suggestion for the folks on here. Take a buttload of sparklers and empty them into a film canister. pack it in really tight. Make a hole in the cap and use whatever you want for a fuse. I got a white flame that went up at least 10 feet. There wasn't even a trace of the canister left, it was obliterated. And it burned the sidewalk. Oh yeah, wear sunglasses.

    3 replies

    awesome. im gonna try putting that into a toy hummer, and seeing how much damage that causes (i might try 2, not sure)

    Good idea. I'm going to try putting one of 'em into something metal and see what happens.

    awesome. i cant wait to see the results

    I got mine at walmart. But I have also seen them at the dollar store. You should be able to find them at any place that sells cap guns.

    could i launch this out of a potatoe gun or would it go of in the barrel?

    you probably could if you put something behind it to absorb the shock


    dont dis him not everyone knows were to get caps

    lol i know. but i dont know where to get those caps either. well i didnt until now