This instructable will show you how to make a cheep detonator that works realy well. It is made to be used with my ignighters instructables.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

+1 prodject box.
+2 switches, i used a toggle with a cover and a momentaraly push.
+1 9v battery terminal.
+1 9v battery.
+2 aligator clips.
+insulated wire.

+wire stripers

Step 2: Preparing the Prodject Box

1.Drill holes in the top of the prodject pox for the switches.

2.Drill holes in the front of the prodject box for the wires.

Step 3: Build It

1.put the switches into the holes and tighten until they dont move.

2.run a wire from the 1st switch to the 2 switch.

3.connect 1 wire from the battery terminal to the 1st switch.

4.connect a wire to the other end of the battery terminal and push it through a hole in the front.

5.connect a wire from the 2nd switch and push it out the other hole in the front.

6.Put alligator clips on the wires sticking out the front and close up the box and your done. Enjoy.
I made it but the battery heats up
Cool ive made one of my own and nicrome wire works good but tricky to connect
Use one thin wire out of an old copper wire because you need some nighttime but at 20 bucks if rather youse the other method
OK so im going to clarify for everyone. This does indeed work BUT you need NICHROME WIRE between the alligator clips so that when the charge is going through it will make the nichrome wire glow red hot. Thus igniting the object. It will take longer with the less power wired in to it. Let me clarify even more. <br /> <br />JUST PUTTING THE WIRE CLAMPS ON SOMTHING WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. <br />YOU NEED NICHROME WIRE BETWEEN THE CLIPS.
where did u get the stuff?<br>
radio shack carries all of the parts
Hi, Please Could You Tell Me Do You Know The Crocodile Clips Where Do You Attach Them To And In What Way Round To They Go. Thank You <br>Stevepal
i made mine, it doesn't work.. i used a toggle switch that has only 2 connections.. is it because of the toggle switch or beacuse i connected it in the wrong connector?? pls reply. :D
you need a more powerful batt. with longer wires to the ignitor <br>
where will i hook my wires in the toggle switch???can u make a video testing this???
is there a specific wire i have to use or can i just use any wire
What kind of igniter did you use? The ones I use require 3 new 9 Volts wired in parallel to work, but yours only needs one!
I made this and used your igniter and it didn't work.. SO i checked the voltage and its only putting out about 8.88 volts instead of 9v. Should that effect it??
looks good but its the same as lighting up your fireworks with a lighter because your wire are way to short , you should make them longer so you could detonate your fireworks at distance<br />
Looks pretty good - will it ignite steel wool?<br />
for the toggle swich which one do i put my 9 v connecter the ground power or acc
i could just imagine playing a prank with this yelling at the mailman FIRE IN THE HOLE then flip tthe switch or whatever and barely a poof of smoke comes from the mailbox
bro, you're thinking too <em>big</em>. u should use a smaller box caus you have very little wiring. check out mine, its basically the same as yours except in a nice, handheld package<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Cool-Electronic-Detonator/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Cool-Electronic-Detonator/</a><br/>
would this work with model rocket ignitors?
this is kool
what size project box is that . p.s. good instructible
I was just wondering if there was a certain shop you can buy the items for this intractable like radioshack by the way nice Instructable
Thanks :) when i get time ill post some instructables on: my Boe-Bot(paralex robot with basic stamp microcontroler brain and my code for it with diagrams for all the stuff ive done to it to improve it, if i ever finnish the online game im giong to start on ill post that, a bolt action pen gun(works so well), an electric firework "gun", and a few other things. ill try to start posting by the end of this month, keep an eye out :)
ya probly radio shack or the source would have this possibly a hardware or automotive store as well
On the toggle switch there are three connections one for power one for ground and one of ACC. Does it matter which ones I hook the wires to?
yes, to just out which ones, just use a 9 volt and an LED
hey plp i will post it later but put in a camera charge circuit so u can get a bit more voltage!
Nice does that switch light up when you use it?
yes it does, i used the same switch for a different project. its cool, but it kinda sucks up the battery......
is it OK if I use positive on one wire and ground on another?
with that size box u could add a bigger battery and then it would work better
will it light a fire cracker the fuse? cuz that is wat im looking for something that will light visco. so if u have something tell me plz .
It doesn't work
yes it does, it works with my igniters. But thats the only thing ive used it with. so make some of those and try it.
it looks Neat , and kind of professionnal , i liked it , <br/>but just one thing my friend , is<strong>Project</strong> not <strong>Prodject</strong><br/>
Just <em>one</em> thing?<br/><br/><strong>cheep realy ignighters finnished prodject momentaraly aligator stripers pyrotechnicks prodect dont your</strong><br/><br/>:-P<br/>
sorry i was realy tired when i made this ill edit it later.
Don't be too Rude.... justa kiddin' Xp

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