Easiest flame thrower ever... Throws flame upto 7 feet(See trail 2 in video here)..

Step 1: Danger warning!!!

Please be careful when playing with fire... Use this or any other flame throwers outdoors only.. Don't ever use on persons, animals or near any flammable materials...
<p>cool, </p>
<p>wow....totally awesome!! i have just made this.....am i right in thinking that all aerosol cans have safety valves on nowadays???</p><p>thanks... ;)</p>
Epic! I so HAVE to make one of these :)! <br>
So simple... Yet AWESOME!!!!!!
Thank you... If you have an idea on a project maybe we can collaborate on it, if you wish..
That sounds great! I'm actually trying to make a chopper with a weed wacker engine out of a kids bike. If I could have an e-mail, we could work on it together.

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