Picture of Simple Flame thrower
Easiest flame thrower ever... Throws flame upto 7 feet(See trail 2 in video here)..
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Step 1: Danger warning!!!

Please be careful when playing with fire... Use this or any other flame throwers outdoors only.. Don't ever use on persons, animals or near any flammable materials...

Step 2: Things used

Picture of Things used
1.Any kind of aerosol cans
3.Cutting pliers (I used nail cutter)
4.Petroleum jelly
5.A Tissue or a piece of cloth

Here i used Axe deordarant and mortein hit... Axe produced short length intense flame but mortein produced 7 feet heavy flame...

Step 3: Disassemble

Picture of Disassemble
Disassemble the cap...
We are going to use only the inner part of the cap...

Step 4: The wire

Picture of The wire
Cut a piece of wire of about 7 inches...

Step 5: Wiring

Picture of Wiring
Insert the wire through the center as shown...

Step 6:

Picture of
Twist the wire... 
And bend it a little...

Step 7: The Igniter

Picture of The Igniter
Use petroleum jelly to roll a piece of cloth or tissue...(I used tissue)
And bend the excess wire around the ball as shown...

Step 8: Re-cap

Picture of Re-cap
Re insert the inner cap to the can..
Don't use the outer cap...

Step 9: Adjustments

Picture of Adjustments
I also made another flame thrower from mortein insect killer...
Adjust the bend so that the ball is 1 inch away from the can and 1/4 inch below the nozzle...

Step 10: R.A.F

Picture of R.A.F
Ignite the ball
Aim away from persons, animals or away from any flammable materials
Push the button to Fire the Fire...
Thank you...


thetre971 year ago

wow....totally awesome!! i have just made this.....am i right in thinking that all aerosol cans have safety valves on nowadays???

thanks... ;)

Epic! I so HAVE to make one of these :)!
HammE2 years ago
So simple... Yet AWESOME!!!!!!
Dharanidharan (author)  HammE2 years ago
Thank you... If you have an idea on a project maybe we can collaborate on it, if you wish..
That sounds great! I'm actually trying to make a chopper with a weed wacker engine out of a kids bike. If I could have an e-mail, we could work on it together.